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Unicharm develops first diapers for elderly with walking difficulties


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Good on Unicharm for developing a life-enhancing product.

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priced at 1,600 yen for packs of 18 medium-sized diapers for a waist size of 60 to 85 centimeters and those of 16 large-size diapers for a waist size of 75-100 cm.

What if your waist is between 75 and 85cm? Do you get medium or large?

Actually I know the answer. Get the large.

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At least there is one market that is growing.....

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Well done Unicharm.

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At least there is one market that is growing....

LOL, the market is growling in Europe and North America and other parts of Asia.

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Very depressing, we come in the world needing diapers,go out of the world in diapers

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