Death toll rises to 10 after heavy rains hit typhoon-ravaged eastern Japan

By Tomo Uetake

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Prime Minister Shinzo Abe held a disaster task force meeting on Saturday, calling for the utmost efforts in rescue and relief work, and assessing the damage.

And making sure none of the money he's got stashed away for his Olympic swindle doesn't have to get frittered away on helping people who only got flooded by 95cm of water.

The hypocrisy is staggering.

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People are starting to get tiered and some are ready to give up.

it is not easy to keep everyone positive in light of so many Dissasters as we had lately and the still ongoing troubles from the great East Japanese Earthquake of 2011 that are still unresolved and may still cause more trouble yet.

some people are starting to be angry with the government spending so much on new fighter jets, a masive overspending on the coronation and the Olympic nightmare that is still to come, not to mentions the massive price increases due to new taxes.

And on top no government aid or loans to rebuild.

I think that many people have reached their outmost limits of what they can handle or bear.

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On the news the kept talking about damage in Soma City Fukushima prefecture. But no mention of the nuclear power plant which is located very near. Throughout all these typhoons we haven’t heard a thing about how they are dealing with all the rain and wind. Maybe Japan Today could inform us.

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What I see in that picture is a lot of flooded fields. We can look forward to much higher prices for vegetables and rice this year.

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Oh, feel bad for the folks who have to endure all this hardship.

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This death toll should include traffic accidents. I had to drive through the peak of the heavy rain and saw three severe accidents in my 15k each way drive. I don’t know if there were any deaths, but there was plenty of mangled wreckage.

Jaoan has definitely had its fair share of natural disasters in recent months/years. The gods must not be pleased. I blame Abe.

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Japan deals with major disasters better than most others having similar disasters. Large areas of Europe are also flooded.

I do not get how the fact than area in Europe are being flooded is linked to the idea of Japan should be dealing better than most others.

One of these flooded is France. According to what I found out, the management of natural disaste9r is law enacted and it seems that the compensation is full through at least insurance (seems they are mandatory) which are backed by the government.

I think Japan should cut the crap about the charity like management of disaster and aim for something more automatic.

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Chiba needs some hilly areas real bad...

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Cue the picture of shin kun in a blue suit pointing at sometihng....

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could you please post a link regarding that flood compensation.

we were flooded so it would be appreciated

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