Diamond Princess passenger dies, bringing ship's death toll to 7


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No standard Treatment, just hide

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Death ship.

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Why hiding a Hong Kong citizen ?

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The man was not Japanese, NHK said, without giving details of his nationality or age. 

His/her nationality is Hong Kong, according to a government report issued yesterday.

Statics on March 7 show 7 deaths and 245 recoveries. 7 deaths is very sad but 1/3 has already recovered fortunately.

sparked international criticism

Some Japanese are laughing at "international criticism" after pandemic in other countries and knowing that most infections in Diamond Princess occurred before its reaching to Yokohama.

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@kokontozai... where did you get your data from? It seems inaccurate especially the 245 recovered one!

The live data is shown here:

8029 tested

461 positive

50 recovered

30 seriously critical on life support

6 deaths

This does not include any patient from the cruise ship!

705 positives from the cruise ship included most Japanese nationals of around 600+!

International criticism mostly includes the handling of the cruise ship situation and if you think it was handled well then something is definitely wrong with you! It’s just your perception that Japanese are laughing at international criticism as they have better things to worry about as some infected people in Japan are deliberately going into the public to infect others to spread the virus ( Aichi man is an example but there are many more similar people out there ). Instead of laughing about international criticism you should focus more on protecting yourself and your family from the virus!

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There will be a point where those Japanese will worry more about their own health rather than keeping score on the nationalities of the infected and the deaths.

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@quercetum... they are keeping the fake score as the number of infected is far greater than the one on record in Japan! Only around 8000 people have been tested in Japan in comparison to other countries. Japan doesn’t even test some people who are seriously showing symptoms of the virus! All these just to keep the number of infected on record to a minimal ( hide the reality / turn a blind eye is a norm in Japan )!

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What a smart virus this covid-19 is, by showing restraint and not infecting people in closed environments such pachinko, packed trains, karaoke and restaurants.


Ramp up the test.

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Covid-19 is smarter than we give it credit. Everything we know has been after the fact, we are trying out various braking systems on it, and as to the long-term plans of this virus, we are still best-guessing.

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Quote from the article above: "Japan's handling of the outbreak on the luxury cruise ship, which was quarantined at the port of Yokohama, sparked international criticism and has tarnished what was supposed to be a triumphant Olympic year for Prime Minister Shinzo Abe."

Even if the whole truth about the Diamond Prince does not come out, it is very likely not going to be a "triumphant Olympic year" for Japan--or anybody. The disease has spread along with with great fear, rational and irrational. I do not see this abating in time for the Olympics.

The biggest disaster in waiting is in the U.S. The U.S. does not have universal healthcare, as we do in Japan and all other advanced countries. We do have a President who is in denial and an incompetent Vice President who is in charge of the Coronavirus crisis.

This will be a triumphant year for all of us who survive.

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@Kokono Chan

Awaiting your response to Mike H’s question.

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Mike H

I am sorry to be late, because I forgot my posting at all. Please find my data in the attached. However, the second one was issued in Japanese language, I am sorry.


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Japan needs to test more people! They are turning away too many that are sick.

It is unforgivable!

I will never trust the government here after witnessing this catastrophe

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For the people using, there is a database linked to it (live patient database). This database is feed with news and official announcement so there is a margin of error, they are trying to suppress (cross checking the list).

There is several sheet, one in for the cruise :

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I agee on your opinion, because the hospitals in Japan are very vacant. This year, flu patients are much less than ever. However, some Japanese worry that normal persons are infected at the hospitals due to gathering of people.

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Sorry no edit :

You can now also use wikipedia for Japanese cases :

For now the Diamond princess page has limited amount of data, as not the recovered neither a full picture of cases worldwide :

Japan needs to test more people! They are turning away too many that are sick.

Sure and they need also a public proper plan to manage this kind of situation.

Administrator : could it be possible to get an edit button and a signature space so that in this kind of situation people can carry around the relevant link that other people could find interesting.

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