COVID-19 app fails to pass on some contact warnings


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COVID-19 app is is not practical

Exactly. It relies too much on the "positive" person to be truthful. And in a highly discriminative country like Japan, who would want to voluntarily announce that they have the virus?

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COVID-19 app is is not practical

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Japan's high tech on full display. Great work Ministry of Health, no follow up on your toy.

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Oh it’s a corona app? I was using it to play Tetris :)

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Lol, since September, bring on the magical sumimasen and all is well

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Is this the same app Olympic athletes are supposed to use?

Also does the 390,000 cases include the Diamond Princess? I see the news media is no longer mentioning that ship in their articles about the coronavirus.

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@dbsaiya App's made by Microsoft tho.

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I was reading an article from a doctor in Japan pulling the same denial that put France in the heart of the crisis and killed so many anonymous. We discovered the real death toll in the semester death center's numbers. Nobody was really worried before those brut numbers.

Covid Brand is the SRAS 24 hours death. The health deteriorate very fast and doctors are not use to the lack of delay. So you need to keep in hospital all cases with a real grip level symptoms. The more you keep in hospital the best. I advise dedicated military hospital opening in sport activity places where you can keep in observation a maximum of patients. Sending at home is really bad idea. A big "hotel hospital" should be put in place for the families security.

The children and young were not touch by the firsts waves. But not anymore. And in Japan, you keep a lot of elders in home comparing to occident. So letting the ill coming back at home is a very bad decision mistaking. You can't use the occident pattern to solve this crisis anymore.

Remember : the quantity of virus you are in contact with is directly linked to the serious form of the illness. So those who look more ill tend to be the one that will infect patient who will die.

The ideal solution is to keep everyone in hospital including family of the ill so they doesn't infect anyone. A family hotel or a real ban to go out is the only way to really beat the virus now we know the fourth wave will be with form the vaccin won't beat. Treat like a plague (we actually think the covid life process might be link to the first form of plagues once it found a stable form).

Japan can still avoid the nation wide infection is they tackle the virus correctly at the beginning of the new wave. France mistake was to not isolate enough the ill and let them die at home. When they die at home, this kind of doctors always believe there was a mistake at first. They are afraid of a virus that can kill in 24H by SRAS, so they invent everything possible to not say this virus is killing too damn fast.

Be serious on the tracking and isolation. This was the only real way to beat the COV1 in 2000ies.



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Time to buy a flip phone before they are outlawed. Or just don't carry a phone. There are some smartphones that have kill switches on the Data, Wi-Fi, Camera, Microphone, etc.. Might be a good investment. Don't sign-up for your own surveilance.

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Did it fail to pass on warnings because users were switching the apps off when they felt like it.

I'm told in London when someone with the app goes out to meet friends they switch the app off. I ask you

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Tracing apps collect information on citizens. Personal name, address, webpages and social media, location and time, people you meet, who they are and where they live and what they use on email and internet and phone logs. Also your personal medical records. Commercially, your offline and online shopping habits.

Not just the Japanese contract tracing apps have backdoors. UK, Australia and NZ etc also are venerable to information theft.

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Of course, such an application is not the ultimate solution of problems. But a 10,000 detected cases , that’s always better than nothing and to be honest even more than I expected. Regarding probability considerations, that means only a very small percentage has the app installed, additionally are infected and out of those , two have to be standing nearby , for more than 15 minutes, Bluetooth must be working and the app itself, their phones both must be on and have power.... 10,000 is an excellent result, really.

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