Koizumi says Japan will send team to Mauritius to assess fuel spill damage


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Took him 3 weeks to come up with the idea to assess the damage caused by the fuel spill. Let's see next with what kind of sexy counter measures he will tackle this environmental and economical devastation this has caused to all Mauritians

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I just wonder if it was Japanese water and another nations ship, what will be the response and media outcry

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hasn't the situation already been assessed, and help offered? still, he's got to pretend he's in with the big boys. he's assured of a life in politics, will never have to work for a living, so why pretend....? pathetic!

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Koizumi should be flying out there now with a bucket and spade!

They don’t need an assessment, they need a cleanup. !!

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Too bloody late.

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Will they recommend tetrapods?

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The Environment Minister will have been in touch with the Transport Minister Kazuyoshi Akaba and lets hope not only corporate interests are acted upon by this G20 govt.

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So, after 3 weeks Mr. Koizumi decides to send a team to assess the damage, what is taking so long, cleaning efforts by the locals and France started the very same day the oil surfaced, and the people of Mauritius do not have the knowledge nor the equipments.

Japan Should have been on the spot within a week , but the owner an the operator of the vessel were hoping it will just go away until they were exposed.

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Koizumi...a dreadful human being.

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Take your time.

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Most of the hard work has been done by the residents, making oil fences out of sugar cane and human hair, as both absorb oil but not water. The residents said they couldn't trust their government to act speedily and forget the Japanese gov, both would stand by and do nothing, and they are right

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Koizumi-Too little too late!


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Too late Japan, too late.

No need to assess because the ecosystem has been drenched in oil now.

How about start cleaning immediately?

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you know the Owner do you ? they have been active from the beginning. MOL were slow to react though.

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