Japan to step up precautions against China coronavirus


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It's not enough to "urge" anyone to do anything.

There's a 3 day incubation period.

Someone feels fine could still be infected after inside Japan.

Travel ban from and to Wuhan, now.

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China’s government has basically shut down all internal travel with regards to Wuhan. Yet, idiotic governments of other countries continue to allow travel to and from China. Guess money matters more than lives. There should be a quarantine of Wuhan and anyone found to have the virus.

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The government will request airlines to make flight announcements urging passengers arriving in Japan from China to report if they are feeling unwell.

Anyone who has the in-flight meals on a Chinese flight will answer in the affirmative.

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Hope the virus do not spread into a poor third world country.

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There is no stopping it if flights continue...

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Protect the country..

Travel ban now !!..

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They need to shut this down now or risk a pandemic. The only reason that countries haven’t just shut down flights from China all together is, as Hobart_Mark says, ¥¥££€€$$.

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I do agree we should take some precautions. Usually I'm disappointed with how CCP handle things, but in this situation they are taking drastic measures and they've been more open and upfront then usual. Travel from Wuhan has been banned, several cities around Wuhan also banned, Chinese can even be hold by force if suspected to be infected, all citizens are wearing masks, Chinese lunar New Year is out the window! They are cleaning and spraying everything in sight.

Japan should do everything possible to help China with this problem. It's sad this happened but I believe it's also a good opportunity to improve relations by helping a neighbor in need instead of looking down on them like some people are doing.

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" Usually I'm disappointed with how CCP handle things"

Disappointment is an understatement.

"Japan should do everything possible to help China with this problem"

You cannot help someone who doesn't want to help themselves. Chinese agencies had been suppressing the truth about the outbreak, and still are. They refuse to disclose actual numbers and severity regarding the issue while the CCP is telling people around neighboring province that there is no need to be cautious.

How do you help someone like that?

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It's too early to say if 2019-nCoV is very deadly or not. SARS had a fatality rate of about 10%. MERS' was nearly 40%. But so far - if official numbers are to be believed - the new coronavirus' fatality rate is quite low at around 3%. The real question is how infectious this virus is, because if it is super infectious, then a fatality rate of 3% could result is a massive number of deaths. I think the government is taking appropriate actions for now, until more is known.

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So, what’s next? Are they going to ban all Chinese from entering Japan like that joker who banned them from his shop in Hakone? Nah, of course they won’t. They get too much money from Chinese travelers.

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So, what’s next? Are they going to ban all Chinese from entering Japan like that joker who banned them from his shop in Hakone? Nah, of course they won’t. They get too much money from Chinese travelers.

Are you suggesting they should ban all Chinese? Or are you complaining? It's not clear what your post is about.

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On CNN tonight they reported that the local hospitals in Wuhan are overwhelmed, with sick people being turned away. While attempting to prevent incoming infectees from going into the general population makes a lot of sense, some thought should be given to what will need to be done if large outbreaks occur in other cities. Getting hospitals ready ahead of time could save lives.

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The WHO has failed to declare this a global threat. That would allow countries to take more aggressive actions. TEmorary bans on inbound flights from China until the corona virus is contained would be a very good idea. And it has nothing to do with rascism, the stores and services that profit from tje hordes of Chinese tourists would take a major hit. But imagine the consequences of a nationwide pancdemic, wjich at this point is far from impossible.

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