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Fujifilm seeks approval for Avigan as COVID-19 treatment in Japan


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I hope it will work out for Japan, it appears to have a good record in other countries (according to article) . . . the other countries of the world also need a better hope.

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I hope it works but I am not going to be the first one in line to try it.

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WHO reported Remdesivir not effective to COVID 19. Avigan is the same type of anti-virus medicine. Both are existing medicine for other virus infections. So far, there is no medicine discovered directly working for COVID 19. This will become a long war.

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Time for the CEO to have another game of golf, maybe this time with PM Suga or MHLW Tamura.

Results of the study, conducted by subsidiary Fujifilm Toyama Chemical, were found to be statistically significant.

Reported in the WSJ earlier, studies are looking at the doses required, as well as the possibility of it being used in combination with other drugs, but some have not been published due to a lack of statistical significance.

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If we don't have any knowledge, I think we should not make any comments. Fuji could not apply for a long time due to lack of many patients for clinical trials in Japan. However, I agree that Avigan is not efficient to the serious patients.

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@Thomas Goodtime

It doesn't work.

Is there a link or articles for this? (I just haven’t heard this). Not posting for argument sake but since I live here I want to read up on it a bit.

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This was all decided when Abe was in power. Should have called it Abegain

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The potential to be the new Thalidomide then.

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From reporting in India (Deccan Chronicle)...

"However, the positive results from the study should be interpreted with caution as other therapies were administered in this non-randomised, open-label study, which could have confused the results. “

So, in other words, 'success' is unsubstantiated and needs to be taken with a grain of salt, until further testing proves otherwise. Or not.

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BBC reported on it as well:

Covid: Remdesivir 'has little or no effect' on survival, says WHO


They got Trump to take Remdesivir (mixed in with other treatments) to create more demand for it and "say" that it is 'effective'.


If you look at the details (and their sources) VS what they are presenting to you in the news you'll realize that they're trying to keep people in FEAR for a reason: Pharma product demand / sales

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No report of study of effectiveness of the drug against corona virus from external independent credible institutions. Human lifes are involved, hope nationalism is kept out of decisions regarding drugs.

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The New York Times ran an article saying that Avigan is worse than useless; it actually causes harm.

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