A man and a woman walk on rocks in the Odaiba district of Tokyo on Thursday. Photo: AP/Eugene Hoshiko

Japan to lift Tokyo area state of emergency as planned on Sunday

By Chang-Ran Kim

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The numbers are going back up, so sure ~ Why not lift the State Of Emergency? What could possibly happen?

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The Japanese government's advisory panel on coronavirus measures approved

The yes-men rubber stamped (literally). I don't even know why they even bother with the charade.

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I dont think the S.O.E was effective....its just people cooperation and discipline....instead of imposing state of emerģency in coming future gov should focus on educating people and request them to do things which are compulsory like wearing masks, washing hands frequenltly and refraining from crowded places as far as possible.

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"There was no objection to the plan," Economy Minister Yasuhisa Nishimura, who also heads Japan's coronavirus response, said after a meeting with the advisory panel.

There is more opposition in a CCP meeting.

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But the daily tally for Tokyo remains far from Governor Yuriko Koike's target of reducing the seven-day average to 70% or lower than the preceding week.

I don't know why they even bother announcing targets. They are completely meaningless, just like any of the other half-arsed measures in the past year.

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Predictably they ended it - it's clear the numbers have not been coming down the last 3 weeks, so the SOE has reached the limit of its usefulness in being able to get the numbers down further. Obviously the numbers will now head back up, but I guess the government is just hoping there wont be an explosive surge again.

I don't think they have any plan on how to stop another surge, but because they have from the very beginning, taken whack-a-mole approach to this pandemic, its not surprising they are now just basically throwing in the towel and hoping for the best.

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"There was no objection to the plan," Economy Mini...

Yeah, I bet. Maybe because of 出る釘は打たれる.

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The delicate calling of the moment an emergency no longer is one ?

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But the daily tally for Tokyo remains far from Governor Yuriko Koike's target of reducing the seven-day average to 70% or lower than the preceding week.

Koike is absolutely hopeless - she sets all these targets (some of which she ignores if it suits), but her only strategy on achieving them is her repeating ad nauseam to wash your hands and remember the three C's. Oh, she also likes to hold up cards with silly catch phrases on them, like she's trying to explain something to a child.

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It brings an even higher meaning to Spring, on the bright side (which is saying a lot in Japan)

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We've been able to get on with our lives not too badly here without Covid getting out of hand, I'm happy with that. Only been out of Tokyo once in over a year though so I'm looking forward to getting out and about when vaccinated.

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This is essentially total capitulation to the virus.

What we tried hasn't worked, we cannot go on like this anymore, as we need to start letting people in for the preparations for the Olympics starting in April.

A complete failure of the government that's costing 50+ lives daily. And none of them will be held accountable for it.

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Don't think government of any other " developed" country comes anywhere near the incompetence and decision paralysis J-govt has displayed since corona arrived in Japan and the cruise ship fiasco got the ball rolling....it's only due to the world renowned apathy and reluctance of J public to display anything more than token disapproval to the LDP clowns handling of this that this govt is still intact. Anywhere else they,d be shown the door long ago, useless leeches. TIJ.

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A complete failure of the government that's costing 50+ lives daily

Here are the number of deaths in Tokyo alone from 2000 to 2019. 120,870 deaths in 2019 alone (so before the COVID-19), that's thousands per day. And you are saying that 50+ deaths daily from COVID-19 are significant enough to justify what kind of action exactly? Makes no sense, it's totally irrational and quite silly to be honest. Or maybe you decided somehow that death is not acceptable anymore.


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So how about GoTo? I have a trip planned that I would appreciate the discount on.

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What a smart virus. It only comes out at night, and in small businesses. But it does not spread in crowded trains, buses, shopping malls, etc. And the high visiting dignitaries are exempted from the quarantine.

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Right before hanami season, Japanese people can now think 'we are safe'.

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There will be very little in way of hanami. The trees are being fenced and parks boarded.

Its not a full back to normal.

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Why not? The people have been treating things like it's "back to normal" for a while anyway.

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The numbers are going back up, so sure ~ Why not lift the State Of Emergency? What could possibly happen?

Tell us How you think Covid only roams around after 8pm. Please, enlighten me.

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Finally, this insanity comes to an end.

Restaurants are crowded as hell these days, because everyone has to go before 7:30 when they shut down. In what universe does that help stop a virus infection?

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