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2 dead, over 70 injured after typhoon slams southwestern Japan


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Sad enough but not too bad an outcome given the severity of the predicted storm. It could have been worse.

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For the huge amount of destruction having two deceased people until now shows that the measures many though as exaggerated actually are saving lives, it is sad people still died, but if evacuating millions helped prevent more fatalities this should be considered a success.

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The effects of this typhoon in Honshu are negligible-my plants are still sitting pretty on the top of the air con compressor

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It's not the wind that is the killer for folks in mainland, well with the exception of the oyaji here or there who tries to go up on their roof and fix something.

The torrential rains, mixed with the loose ground on the mountains, cases incredible damage and for the life of me, I will never understand why people build their homes in areas that are prone to these landslides.

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Not much happened as it went through Kansai. People in Kanto need not worry.

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In Hyogo and near the sea we had huge crashing waves, big rain, and scary winds. Even today, the wind is very strong.

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Back to the grind.

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Well that was unprecedented..

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Yubaru wonders why people build on slopes.

Good question.

Maybe traditionally, flat land at the bottom of valleys was used for rice cultivation.

But yes, I often see houses in precarious location, meanwhile the Forestry Department does a clean sweep of the trees on slopes above.

No trees, no roots, no binding of the soil.

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why are they wearing camouflage at a disaster site ?

Maybe, it being an emergency and all, they just picked up their gear and went, without worrying too.much about their wardrobe? Or maybe their hi-viz stuff got soaked the day before, no chance to dry it cos of the rain, so when they got the call they just put on the first thing that came to hand and got on with the job.

Hats off to all the emergency services at times like this.

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Why wouldn't JSDF personnel wear camo in the field?

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They are all in their regular uniforms. People in white raincoats with three green lines on the left arms are policemen, FDMA (Fire &Disaster) rescue teams are maybe in orange, and JSDF in camouflage.

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