5 dead, 1 missing at plant fire in Niigata Prefecture


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Rest In Peace” to those lost to the fire, “Condolences” offered to family, friends & surviving co-workers, “Godspeed” to the first responders in their efforts to locate those that remain missing. Will think of all of you at tea time today.

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If you had watched other news that had telling their age, you would even wonder how they made it to that factory job every day. That they are not capable of running away in case of fire or even grabbing and operating any fire extinguishing equipment is also quite obvious then.

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Why are fires so often deadly in Japan? Lax fire safety procedures or regulations?

It's not just Japan. You see this everywhere. Even with the best laws and regulations, people are forgetful, or just ignore safety rules when it makes the job harder to do or costs the company money to comply with.

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LetsBReal: Yes

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Absolutely terrible for all involved.

Please be careful everyone.

The loss of a family member or friend is something nobody gets over. RIP.

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Well that sucks.

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'Why are fires so often deadly in Japan? Lax fire safety procedures or regulations?'

Ever been to a Don Quixote store in Japan?

I am amazed they are allowed to operate,and more over,they have a previous of fires.

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