ANA to cancel 176 more domestic flights for engine inspections


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Have parts been falling off?

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No. Parts have not been falling off. This is an internal problem with Rolls Royce engines. My friend is a supervising maintenance engineer for ANA at Haneda. He was telling me about this problem around 6 weeks ago. This is a manufacturing problem by Rolls and there has been some cracking on compressor blades.

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The problem is to do with blades in the intermediate compressor module. Guess where that's made? By Kawasaki here in Japan.

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@Kyronstavic = that's very embarrassing for Japan inc. if true

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@Kyronstavic - Do you know which Kawasaki plant? Is it Akashi? They usually have pretty good QA

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Not sure which plant. I only know that they make the intermediate compressor modules for the Trent 1000 variants used for the 787 and A350. I'm not doubting the skill of the engineers who make these components - its pretty high-tech stuff well beyond my capabilities. There just may have been operating conditions in those engines that exacerbated flaws that were undetectable during manufacture. To the best of my limited knowledge, the single-crystal titanium compressor blades are difficult to produce at the best of times. Anyway, here's hoping they sort the problem out.

It's a bit embarrassing for Japan, though I doubt there was a Mitsubishi-style cover-up going on.

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@Kyron...thanks. Guess I forgot to leave out the "Japan bad" part, thus the downvotes. OK...Japan

Yes these are very complex parts and there are not many plants in the world that make them. I know the engines have pretty extreme operating conditions as you state as the drive for fuel efficiency on the 787 was extreme.

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Tokyo-Engr - no worries. Don't know why anyone would down-vote you for any of your comments, but this is JT so...

That's pretty much the extent of my knowledge about it. - I'm just a plane nerd with a bit of peripheral knowledge, not an engineer so I'd guess you have a lot more background with the nitty-gritty of the mechanics.

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Tokyo-Engr, incidentally there've been some other reports in the news that seem to be attributing the problem to financial troubles and reorganization at RR, but it looks like those reports are wrong and its solely a technical issue. I'm flying on one of Singapore's new 787-10s soon that use the Trent 1000, but it's unclear whether the TEN variant is affected by the problem. Hope not.

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From what I've read, the only fix for the Trent 1000 Package B and C engines is to redesign the critical components to make essentially a near-new engine. If that's the case, ANA won't be able to get their 787 fleet back into full operation until past 2020!

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