Call to check bullet train for undercarriage cracks went unheeded


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107 people’s deaths (JT, 107 people) and their memories totally disrespected by this disgusting company. How dare they. How dare they put hundreds of people’s lives at risk AGAIN. A friend’s partner was killed at Amagasaki and they are STILL distraught.

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A Japanese company ignoring safety checks? "Insert names here and reprint article."

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*Disillusioned - Japanese company ignoring safety checks?* "Insert names here and reprint article."

It's ok, a senior offical is going to bow deeply and appologize profusely, all will be better.. (Insert name, repeat process)

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Just wait for the new high speed train from Tokyo to Nagoya. 3 days of repeated news.

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Well, I suppose that's a side-effect of the obsession with things adhering to schedule...

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Top execs will pay back 1/4 of their salary for December and then the issue will be buried forever.

They'll still get their year end bonuses though.

The woman was right, they have not learned a thing. It is only a matter of time before we have another huge accident due to blatant disregard for safety rules and employee safety.

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