Cars stranded, trains affected by continued heavy snow across Japan


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Beautiful scenery

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The government now recommends that snow clearance is done in pairs, especially from the roof.

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If my 81-year-old relative said they were stepping out to clear snow, I’d either go out with them or send a younger relative out with them. Just in case. Heart attacks, snow falling off the roof, any number of accidents.

In fact, my neighbors all go out in pairs (usually the husband and wife) but mostly just to speed the work along.

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I’m in Toyama and it’s been crazy this weekend. I’ve had to help three cars out the front of my place coz they tried to drive through deep snow and got stuck. Saw many vehicles stuck and abandoned on my walk to the supermarket. And yeah, it does look pretty amazing outside now that the sun has come out

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In Fukui, much the same as above. Supermarkets already getting thin. No use even trying to dig the car out. Walking by far the better option. Tractors clearing snow all night long in shifts and people are helping push stuck motors and talking to each other. Good bonding experience with neighbors . Wish the buzz of community spirit during these events would last.

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