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Contaminants found in Pfizer vaccine in cities near Tokyo, Osaka


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The question is, can they still be used safely?

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More reasons not to get the jab.

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More reason to hurry up and get the jab before they shut it all down.

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Pfizer and ModernaTX churn out millions upon millions of prototype vaccines but are not held responsible for any problems their contaminated batches cause, government is happy to spend billions on the prototype vaccines but are not held responsible for any outcomes, doctors are protected under professional indemnity and are not held responsible for administering the jab, yet you are irresponsible for declining a potentially contaminated jab that no one takes any responsibility for.

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The really strange thing about these two cases is that they only happened in vaccines supplied to Japan.

I searched "contaminants in covid vaccines" and all of the results except one were concerning the cases in Japan.

One resut (J&J) referend to a recall of possible contamination that was never clarified.

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And of course...Zero accountability!

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...asks Pfizer to investigate.

Pfizer: it's perfectly fine. Nothing to see here.

The investigation found that there was no health risk posed by the contaminant.

Case closed!

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The really strange thing about these two cases is that they only happened in vaccines supplied to Japan.

We don't know that.

What we know is that so far only Japan has found and reported contaminants.

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A few things I see missing from this article. 1. Which specific sites in these locations had the white matter. 2. When was it discovered at these sites. 3. Were the residents of these sites notified that their job might have been contaminated?

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Perhaps, Japan should consider receiving license from the foreign vaccine companies to manufacture the vaccine within a Japanese facility and within Japan's borders . . . .

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Better to be detecting them while they have not been injected into our bodies, but that also makes us wonder how many of these "contaminated"ones have entered the bodies of those vaxxed. Scary thought...

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Great. Just got the vaccine. Fingers crossed.

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…a matter of incorrect storage?

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If you don’t know what the substance is, you cannot call it a contaminant.

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It used to be that if contaminants were found in vaccine vials, then the entire vaccination would be suspended immediately and the whole lot of vials would be discarded. No longer. They just keep giving people jabs. There’s something really wrong with the medical system.

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Russian roulette? Another reason to wait to get jabs when all has been tested safe

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Moderna is safe. Pfizer is safe. The chain of production is the problem because resources are being taxed to produce so much vaccine. I am glad that I got two shots of Moderna!

I just do not trust the Russian and Chinese vaccines.

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A big bunch of viruses? As we take it to develop immunity, they also might further develop and for example now very much like what’s in the vaccine vials. ROFL

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You just knew the Japanese were going to analyze these vaccines until they found some slight impurities that don’t matter. Nothing to see here folks. As you were.

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Inaka LifeToday 08:46 am JST

If you don’t know what the substance is, you cannot call it a contaminant.


Contamination is the presence of a constituent, impurity, or some other undesirable element that spoils, corrupts, infects, makes unfit.


vials containing the white floating matter


First it was stainless steel particles and now a white matter in the covid vaccine.


Moderna Inc.'s and now Pfizer inc.'s COVID-19 vaccine has contained contamination


So far i am glad i got the AZ jab. Untill they find a contamination in it.


ディッカウ イェンツToday 08:42 am JST

…a matter of incorrect storage?


Unlike AZ, the other two must be keep at very low temperature.

So maybe the white stuff is from incorrectly stored vaccine.


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Is Takeda doing any inspection at all on the vaccines they receive from Pfizer?

Pfizer is responsible for the quality of the vaccine, but Takeda is also supposed to perform QA/QC and visual inspection on the product they receive before releasing it to the Japanese market.

Those tests must be documented in case something like this happens and the authorities need to find out what went wrong and what steps are being takes to make sure it doesn't happen again.

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Russian roulette? Another reason to wait to get jabs when all has been tested safe

5 billion vaccinations have been administered world wide as of Sep 2021, where are all these reported mass deaths people Q people are talking about.

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i think i did good to leave my jabs for others in line.

many say that until they or a family member find themselves in hospital on a ventilator

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Russian roulette? Another reason to wait to get jabs when all has been tested safe

To be approved, vaccines must be tested safe and effective.

That said, it's your choice when to get vaccinated.

Unfortunately it's not your choice when to get infected.

Good luck

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Quite concerning that two companies have had contaminants in their vaccines. On top of that, Japan is the only country to have found the contaminants in both vaccines. So, it begs the question, are there any countries that have not found the contaminations or even looked for contamination and went ahead and administered to who knows how many people? So, many questions now.

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Not surprising considering the rushed vaccine creation and rollout which skipped over the usual 5-10 year safety verification process.

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Hhhmmm more like someone has been contaminating the vials to make an anti vaccination statement . Weird that this hasn’t happened anywhere else in the 100 of millions of vials made .

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