Court rejects suspension of Oi nuclear power plant


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Government officials ignoring the valid concerns of the local people for the sake of kickbacks from a company. Who would've ever thought that it would happen in Japan?

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Due to Trumps decisions there is going to be a world wide energy crisis. I suspect that Japan will place tariffs on American coal. Already the shutting down of an Canadian oilfield and the stopping of Libra crude has lead to higher crude prices. Trump stopping fuel from Iran will mean shortages. Something needs to be done including wind, place in trade wind zones.

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No surprise here; the higher courts and Supreme Court basically always go along with government decisions, they are all part of the 'Establishment' here.

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No surprise here. Also no surprise the government completely lied when it said it would NEVER restart NPPs without the complete support of the local residents.

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No surprise here. Also no surprise the government completely lied when it said it would NEVER restart NPPs without the complete support of the local residents.

Well, I forgot exactly what they promised by now. But if they literally said the same thing as you, no one should ever have taken it seriously, for the simple reason you can't get 100% of a large body of people to agree on anything.

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We do need nuclear as effect of the overgoing to electric feeded systems like the complete transport sector with cars, busses, trucks, lorries etc. That means all systems that do have wheels and furthermore ship, aeroplane etc. Not planning possible production from renewable is a disaster. Cost much and do make hugh impact on the CO2 exhaust. Germany increased renewable with 100 percent and reduced CO2 with just 2 percent. What´s the meaning with that? High costs, high requirement of resources compared to nuclear.

Why not build Thoriumreactors which use Thorium with an annual growth in the oceans.

That is a renewable planning possible electric source.

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Japan spent trillions on nuclear energy with huge government subsidies over many decades. What we got in the end was the world's second largest nuclear disaster, which will cost so many tens of trillions just to clean the site and make it safe, and they don't even know if that's possible.

We are done with nuclear energy. Worldwide nuclear energy is a failed energy source unable to provide more than 15% of total power demand over nearly 7 decades of use.

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The first chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission, Lewis Strauss, predicted in a 1954 speech that nuclear power would someday make electricity “too cheap to meter.”

 A 2009 UCS report estimated that taxpayers could be on the hook for anywhere from $360 billion to $1.6 trillion if then-current proposals for nuclear expansion were realized.

 Real Cost of Nuclear Energy

Because of the use of nuclear energy and spent fuel reprocessing we have ended up with 47 tons of plutonium.

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Comment of Judge was like abandonment of independency from politics.

Japanese Judges who had stopped nuclear plants were demoted.

Judge who want to avoid to be demoted escape into delusion that investigation of Japan's nuclear regulation is always correct.

but,executives of Japan's nuclear regulation agency are occupied by beneficiary or related person of nuclear industries.

About natural disaster,

Japanese government and authorities always say "please prepare against worst case","unpredictable situation occur someday".

but,They never say same things about nuclear disaster.

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Hideomi Kuze The nuclear disaster was generated by a Tsunami combined with an earth quake.

A water power station resulted in 10 000 killed but that is not frequently written.

The evacuation was an effect of the Tsunami that destroyed of lot of houses. British experts said the evacuation as effect of the radioactive wasn´t needed. Why put the costs for evacuation on the nuclear bill?

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TEPCO fully accepted it alone was responsible for the cause of the nuclear disaster and admitted that it could have taken actions that would have prevented it from happening. The evacuation of the residents close to the NPP was required by law and also the right decision because neither TEPCO or the central government actually knew what was happening at the nuclear plant.

A very large area of Japan was contaminated by radiation and the country got lucky because 80% of the released radiation was blown out to sea. What would have happened if it had blown 100% across the land. Many area near the nuclear disaster remain hot with radiation putting those communities beyond any residential returns for many decades.

The nuclear disaster was the second largest in the world.

Carl-Åke Utterström

Why put the costs for evacuation on the nuclear bill?

You have repeated that line several times even though I have tried to correct your mistake. The cost of evacuation the residents and placing them in temporary accommodation and providing them with living costs since those people lost their homes, personal belongings, business, everything, amounts to about ¥5 trillion. The cost of the nuclear disaster inside the NPP is about ¥20 trillion to date. Many people can no longer return to their former homes because of the radiation. They will be compensated for their loss. The eventual cost of the disaster will be in excess of ¥50 trillion.

The accident was rated 7 on the INES scale. High radioactive releases over days 4 to 6, eventually a total of some 940 PBq (I-131 eq).

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zichi I found this article from Financial Times dated 2018 that will give some overview according to the disaster.

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zichi on google crome I search for "Financial times Fukushima disaster" and get the result above from March 2018.

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Many Japanese Judges are still in "Safety Myth" of Nuclear Plants as before 2011.

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