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Emperor, empress to visit remote islands, disaster sites in southwestern Japan


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The history of those islands is rather interesting, they were invaded and taken over by Ryukuan forces and forcibly annexed as a part of Ryukyu. They were historically an independent kingdom and for a period of time following WWII independent, but "reverted" to Japanese control and became part of Kagoshima.


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Yakushima and Yoron are super gorgeous! They should definitely make plans to hit up those two places. As Emperor and Empress of these isles, to not have ever gone there would be a shame.

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I really want the most, to they visit Okinawa...

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I really want the most, to they visit Okinawa

They have visited Okinawa.

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Nice to to take the trouble to understand your people...politicians need to do exactly this.

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We went to Japan last July /August , it was for us the most impressive travel we did ,we were  so surprised about the cleanness , the security , the  kindness and discipline of the Japanese citizen . The high quality of the infrastructures  , Japan  learnt me a lot of what it doesn’t work anymore in Europe . I am feeling very ashamed about how do we welcome the Japanese tourist in Europe , we went to Japan to visit and understand better the Japanese , we can back to Europe with a huge love of Japan with the will to go back , our 16 year old son want learning the Japanese language and coming  back next year .  Dear Japanese, please, change nothing!!!

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