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Event marking Japan-China 50th diplomatic anniversary opens in Beijing


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The cultural values between China and Japan are really quite different in several important aspects of daily life, such as cleanliness, politeness, sexuality and ego. 

I remember a group of Chinese men yelling and scraping at my apartment's front door one night while I worked my first year in China, all because of the dispute over the Diaoyu islands and America's statement of military support for Japan should China take forceful actions over the matter. They eventually circled around to my window and yelled at me from there, because they could see the bedroom light on as I played the latest game on my Nintendo 3DS. I thought that they would throw a shoe at my window, but no.

Even before then, the city where I worked was dotted with bumper stickers that called Japanese bad names and told them to go home. The Chinese use anti-Japan sentiment to promote Chinese solidarity, and the Diaoyu island dispute helped them underline that fact.

The city that I worked in was right next to Nanjing. So it was a particular cultural example of the remaining anti-Japanese phenomena in China. It is said that to hear of atrocities is more traumatic than to experience them firsthand, because it alienates one from personal action to directly defend and comfort and excites the imagination beyond the facts. I suppose that must have been the case for the people in the little city that I was in and it affected their culture to the present.

It is admirable that the Japanese make efforts to be on cordial terms with a people who usually do not really care for them or their values and use history to abuse their grandchildren for selfish interests. It will probably be that they will keep friendly doors open for unusual social cases and remain respectfully different.

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May both countries' friendship last forever...

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Event marking Japan-China 50th diplomatic anniversary opens in Beijing:

With open confrontation between China & Japan under the broad daylight, where is the necessity of holding any event to mark the anniversary?

Superfluous if not meaningless..

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Not the decadent pirates of the west..

this aint the 1800s no more... the west has moved on...

clearly Japan and China have no trust in each other... the military spending by both countries says it all...

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Great news !!..

Japan and China have to be brothers and have excellent relations..

Only the Asians are the ones who must control the destiny of Asia..

Not the decadent pirates of the west..

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