Fire breaks out at restaurant in Kyoto's geisha district


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We can see the sign says "Restaurant Nishizaka" in the opposite side of the fire. It's the famous high class Japanese restaurant in the central part of Kyoto city. This street is called Hanamikoji in Gion district. One of the best spots of sight seeing in Kyoto. There are many high class Japanese restaurants along the beautiful stoned pavement. And there are many foreign guests and also many Geisha girls wearing beautiful Kimono.

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Apparently there were no injuries. That is a relief.

I have been there and know many that live there. Hope that they are all well and will be able to return to normalcy soon. It is a beautiful historical city, let us hope it stays that way for many years to come.

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Hmmmmm.   Gion is the "geisha district"??  I would say it is so much more than that.

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I was just there a couple of weeks ago! So sad... It sounds like everyone is OK. I hope they rebuild/restore it back to it's old charm. It was an amazing, lovely area.

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