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Girl who disappeared in Yamanashi in 2019 confirmed dead after bone DNA test


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I knew the chances were slim for a happy ending but I had kept my fingers crossed for the mother. It's tough to lose one's child like this. "If I had only gone with Misaki...." I'm sure that thought will be on the mother's mind the rest of her life.

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Very sad case. I lived close by this area years ago and am familiar with it. There might have been a person involved and not an accident. Aside from the campers there are random cars passing thru for work related activities. Maybe an opportunity presented itself when this resident noticed a child by herself in a secluded place. Taken to his home ,then arranged and staged in the site 600 m. away to be found. A possibility for sure.

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Just as amazing that this evidence has been found 3 years later is that it is still undetermined if there was a crime or an accident. Too many possibilities, the mystery remains.

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I'd like these Campsites and other facilities don't let kids alone. If she(Misaki) wasn't left alone, probably she would be alive now.

This is a very sad story that could have been avoided...and people should learn from this tragedy.

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Sad story. Condolences to her family and friends.


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Somebody knows what happened to her. It’s extremely unlikely she was taken by a bear because a bear might kill her but it wouldn’t eat her. As sad and presumptive as it may sound I fear she is a victim of a human predator.

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How utterly devastating for the girl and her family. May God care for her and give her family peace.

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Human perp. not a bear etc.

When a kid disappears the cops should think "FOUL PLAY " at the first instance.

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That's good news. The mom and rest of the family can finally get some closure.

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Hopefully this will finally allow the mother and family some closure and the chance to move on in life. Although I read on Japanese news sites the mother believes DNA testing isn't fully conclusive so there's a chance she will still see her daughter again. Unfortunately I don't think the mother will ever accept the reality and move forward w her life.

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What a tragic end to a horrible and traumatic event. I hope the family at least gets some closure from this and gets to give their little girl a well deserved funeral so she can finally rest in peace.

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It sounds like she had an accident when walking through the woods. Animals often scatter remains about the place after that.

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It is a sad situation, and it is not hard to get turned around in an unfamiliar location specially at her age, she may have walked for sometime in the wrong direction then changed direction several times resulting in being lost.

Hopefully with knowing the result of DNA the mother can finally accept the outcome and with bones and clothes the family can have a funeral and finally begin the grieving process.

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The remains were found 600m from where the group were picnicking. Literally hundreds of searchers were looking for weeks. There is no way a body lying above ground would not have been found. Search dogs would have easily picked up a scent, after two days humans would too. Something just doesn't make sense about this case.

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A very sad and tragic ending to the story. You have to wonder how the bones ended up being scattered about, like if some wildlife had dragged her off and did whatever it did. Of course, there are reasons why that could happen with foul play, too. In any case, RIP to the little one, and my heart goes out to the parents.

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You have to wonder how the bones ended up being scattered about,

One possibility would be that the body was buried and subsequently washed out by erosion.

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When a kid disappears the cops should think "FOUL PLAY " at the first instance.

No, first you have to think like a kid. They did not search the area where her remains were eventually found, instead had a hundred people searching the same area in large useless groups no doubt.

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This is one of the saddest days while living in Japan, what a heartbreaking event. RIP little angle.

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too sad to even say anything...

just awful news

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I do wonder how thorough the initial search was. Despite difficult terrain, surely even inch within the first 1km radius should have been searched?

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Despite difficult terrain, surely even inch within the first 1km radius should have been searched?

Easy said on the internet. Harder done in real life.

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Agreed, as I think I've alluded to in the second sentence of my post. Despite the difficulties, it's the life of a 7 year old.

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Yes, I do wonder whether the search was done thoroughly. Maybe it was, maybe not. The discovery of human remains so close the where the girl went missing has to raise questions. It may very well turn out everything possible was done. Still, these questions should be asked and I am sure they will be.

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