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Japan's annual eel-eating day hit by high prices


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the debate over tradition versus conservation continues.

I think I see a certain irony there.

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and some people thought Japan could become a responsible ocean conservationist. LMFAO

oh well when the eels and tuna are all gone theyve still got whale and dolphin meat.

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We should save young eels for the next generation. Anyway I want to try "kabayaki" grilled catfish.

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Rare foods or near extinct foods are expensive, the last Pander Steak I had cost me a fortune....but it bought me good luck! Had a heart attack, liver burst, went blind in one eye a week latter. But I had good luck!

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The conservation pressures on Japan must be a conspiracy of beef producers of U.S. to expand their sales of beef to Japan. I feel strange that cattles are free from the conservation movement.  Someday, the land of America will become full of cattles.  I am contributing to the conservation move. After retirement, I do not go to eel restaurants and sushi shops to save money.

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Time to switch to anago (saltwater eels) not as bold taste as unagi but cover it with enough kabayaki sauce and you can hardly tell the difference. Not on the endangered list.

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For me, cocoichiban curry helps me withstand the summer heat. Believe is something of the mind and don't need someone tell me what to believe in,

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The rise of eel farms has increase in recent years. So are many other aquaculture farms now that catching them is getting a lot harder. Demand will probably keep increasing. This so call rise in prices is a good business opportunity for more people to seek their chances in the farming sector.

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market prices for the endangered fish remain high

It would make more sense to have a conservation day for this endangered fish rather than an eating day.

Where is the logic in fishing a species to extinction? Who is in charge of that?

9 ( +9 / -0 )

Fishless ocean predicted and no one will give up a 5 minute taste they like in exchange for saving the planet and a beings life .

go vegan or we all die

0 ( +4 / -4 )

Don't eat endangered fish!

4 ( +7 / -3 )

I don’t understand why Japan doesn’t import USA catfish. I’ve been eating catfish and eel all my long life in USA. Taste, texture is very similar, with eel being a bit more oily. The catfish and eel we ate in my family were caught by my Dad and me. But now most catfish sold in USA are farm raised. I WILL NOT buy Chinese catfish.

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I was wondering why so much unagi at my local Kohyo (Aeon).

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I WILL NOT buy Chinese catfish.

Smart. Also, Chinese farm-raised eel is supposedly one of the most unhealthy foods in the world.

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BTW, does anyone know of a good place to get a Falafel roll in Tokyo?

Getting tired of eating species out of existence.

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I really cant understand why so many Japanese seem to have little or no care for marine resources.....

Japan has led the world eating tuna, eels, squid, octopus & many other resources to near extinction & few seem to give a damn, its just NUTS!

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My wife's cousin down in Kagoshima married a guy who is the president of one of the major eel companies down there. He is mid-20s and his dad died suddenly after their wedding leaving him the company. Anyways we get a shipment of eel from him every year before the big eel day. So freakin tasty!

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Price of unagi is ridiculous now.

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For me this stuff is only edible freshly cooked.

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What's with endangered species and eating with reckless abandon???

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At a Tokyo outlet of retail giant Aeon Co, there were five different types of kabayaki grilled products on sale besides eel, such as those made from catfish and pork.

Ah yes, that well-known eel substitute, pork.

If I were to pay whatever eel now costs, I'd have it the proper way, hitsumabushi. It's really delicious.

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National day of eating an endangered species!


4 ( +5 / -1 )


Since when eels are marine ressources!

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"Currently, consumption is outpacing the number of eels being born and is increasing," 

Is it possible to consume more than what exists?

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This refers to an existing population but they keep eating the juvinilles ie not adults so the population plummets. Classic overfishing

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Oh no, I can't eat a species into extinction in order to satisfy a totally baseless superstition!


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Just had beans on toast-imported beans and wheat, and a grand price of 100 yen!

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Since when eels are marine ressources!

Open M

Here is a challenge for you, before you can take a holiday you MUST catch an eel elver in FRESH water, then you can go home.

Hint you wont be going home again!

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