Sadako Ogata, ex-U.N. high commissioner for refugees, dies at 92


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She was very vocal about how Japan should be more welcoming to refugees. I believe her heart was in the right place, but as we have seen in western Europe, Japan is right to keep immigration/asylum levels low.

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“If refugees come in millions, that’s a different story, but the arrival rate is not that huge and (to say) Japan does not have resources, that’s nonsense,” she said in the interview.

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I have a great respect for her works. R.I.P

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I am indeed very sorry.

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A Japanese showing compassion

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Quite possibly the greatest Japanese humanitarian of the modern e

And Peace was the foundation on which her Empathy, Compassion and Actions were built upon.

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These things happen! Great people die in this game called life. Its how we chose to remember them is what matters.

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