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Court orders disclosure of phone number over online defamation


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This should be the new normal. In my office , there are people that takes the phone bills and check on my phone calls. This is totally criminal.

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Burner phone and VPN. This kind of sniff is what drives black market. See a rise in anonymous postings with VPNs, fake names and addresses, and burners where necessary.

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Sadly, one off rulings only create precedence. This one ruling will affect any future rulings.

In other countries I would agree, but here not so much. One Japanese court may take this route, but another in an exact same case would hand down a totally opposite ruling. Hence my comment.

Kind of a case by case thing, literally! (Im hoping)

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To be fair, if we accept the premise that the comments are a potentially valid tort, not giving the phone number will be to effectively deprive the victims of legal remedy.

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Be careful fellow JT commenters, soon we'll be next!

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This is scary..... going forward if you have negative comments regarding a company or product, and you post them online, you may need to defend yourself in a Court of Law. I've got no problem with that but.... large companies have deep pockets and they have lawyers. So even if you are right in what you say you could end up getting very screwed.

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Cough - burner phone - cough.

What if it is 100% true that "the top two (of the company) are fat and flabby."? Posting true statements should never be illegal.

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Excuse me, and the inflammatory comments were that the bosses are “fat and flabby?”

And they are all going to courts now? Have these three and the judge perhaps all gone to elementary school together and been fighting ever since?

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Sadly, one off rulings only create precedence. This one ruling will affect any future rulings.

While, I despise people who hide behind anonymity in order spew hate, fear, and incite upheaval, his personal information should still be protected. This is just another example of companies having too much power. His phone number is legally protected and that shouldn't change.

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Yeah, my sentiments exactly Yubaru.

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The court crossed a very fine line here and hopefully it is a "one-off" type of ruling!

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