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Gov't may keep Reconstruction Agency for 10 more years


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During the proposed extended period, the agency will continue working on a variety of tasks including decommissioning of the Fukushima plant, combating radiation-tainted water and helping residents return.

So, they intend to extend the agency for another ten years to work on decommissioning the Fukushima plant that will take at least another 30 years. Yeah, that makes perfect sense, NOT!

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As of early October, there were still about 49,000 people who remain displaced from their hometowns as a result of the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crisis, compared with 470,000 estimated shortly after the triple disaster occurred.

Meaning that still, after coming up on 9 years after the disaster, 10% of the people are still living as refugees in their own country!

THAT should embarrass Abe, but sadly it does not!

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The nuclear disaster site will take 100 years and eventually cost the taxpayer ¥100 trillion. The end game is even in sight with no know way to recover the corium or melted fuels.

About 11,000 nuclear evacuees still live in temporary accommodations mostly older and refusing new housing wanting to return to their communities. 30,000 are living outside of Fukushima and have no intention of returning.

One of the problems of public house building Miyagi was unable to secure enough land sales for building homes.

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Seems like the Abe government completely underestimated the whole situation.

How irrisponsible of them to bid for the Olympics when their own people needed help reconstructing their lives.

This is yet another case of Abe and his cronies incompetence.

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Ita a disgrace, the LDP are responsible it just happened under the opposition watch. But now it's totally under the LDP and after 9 years people are still in accomodation built for 2years. Ahh beautiful Japan.....hope they are getting their Premium Friday's.

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Well despite the fact that they only decided to extend it for another 10 years, it’s still a hell of a lot better than not having it at all. Because that would make the Fukushima plant even more dangerous, wouldn’t you say?

I didn’t even know that, about the temporary housing for the refugees. That’s terrible! Oh yeah, bad on Abe and his administration for that.

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