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Japan gov't says health impact of PFAS chemicals undeniable


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According to a study for fiscal 2022 by the Environment Ministry that covered rivers and groundwater in 38 of Japan's 47 prefectures, 16 prefectures had cases in which PFAS concentrations exceeded the government threshold.


And those prefectures are?

What is the name of the report?

The chances of high PFAS concentrations

in industrial urban areas is most likely though.

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 reduced immunity after vaccination are "undeniable"

Very concerning.

I personally avoid vaccination because of risks like this which often are only admitted to after the fact.

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Which prefectures? I'd like to see the list .

Once again Japanese reporting not going deep enough.


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My city here in USA closed its 3 wells due to high concentration of PFAS some months ago.

It is evaluating it's options as next steps as the layers of PFAS could grow wider over time where the wells were. Some studies say it could shrink over time.

All costly new options like building a treatment facility to remove the PFAS and new wells.

Right now buying water from another more expensive entity.

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What products have PFAS that many people wear on their faces everyday?

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What is the real cause of this PFAS impact?

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