Gov't considers asking nightlife businesses to close to stem virus surge


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Perhaps they should first consider getting the 10man onto my account first... Still no sign of it.

They like considering a lot in Japan. Them politicians.

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They really should. Not only are businesses like this will close contact be almost always inevitable, it's a congregation of people that could lead to super spreader events like what happened in that church in South Korea. This might be a big blow to the economy, but it's either that or risking spreading more cases, and I really believe that ordering people to socially distance in clubs and make them wear masks would be a buzzkill for people visiting these places

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Asking and forcing are two different things.

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Shut it all down for 3 months now or risk having to shutter it for 3 years this fall.

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How much longer does it take to consider?

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Which should the government protect: the lives of its citizens or the bank accounts of businesses?

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Meanwhile, tourism minister Kazuyoshi Akaba said in a press conference Tuesday the government will only provide subsidies to accommodations and tour packages that take measures to prevent the coronavirus spread in a campaign starting on July 22 to boost domestic tourism.

They have only decided this now??? This idiotic campaign is suppose to start in 9 days and they've been planning it for a couple months. Did they not consider requiring such safety measures before?

 The details will be released on Friday.

Ha! And they are going to give travel locations only 6 days to implement any necessary safety measure for a multi-billion yen scheme?

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To all you oyajis; Those 18 year old girls in the hostess clubs don't like you. They like your money. Stop going! And to all the companies who control their staff, demand that staff not go to bars and pubs and other establishment serving alcohol. If everyone does their part and not go to the entertainment district areas, the places will close. Do your part. Stay home. June 20th we were down to 684 active cases nation wide. Now back to over 3,000. People Stage One opening is STAGE ONE! NOT STAGE THREE!!

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Considers asking? Just close them already!

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I demand the government to stop discriminating the poor (or very rich in many instances ) prostitutes of Kabukicho!

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Gov't considers asking nightlife businesses to close to stem virus surge

considers asking? Really?? Lame.

> They like considering a lot in Japan. Them politicians.

and asking. But that's about it.

Which should the government protect: the lives of its citizens or the bank accounts of businesses?

should: answer lives

will: answer bank account

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oh yeah- still no sign of the money they promised us. should put that in too.

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"I get the sense a second wave is on the way, and I'd like regions to do what's best for our local conditions," she said.

The Japanese are being encouraged to leave cities where cases are on the rise to visit much less infected regions!

Surely, this is the opposite of what we should be doing to decrease the danger of a second wave occurring?

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So Nishimura is going to ask them to shut down, but if the yakuza owner "asks" the establishments' managers to remain open, who do you think is going to win?

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oh yeah- still no sign of the money they promised us. should put that in too.

I got mine last week.

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The government has been urging all business to take measures to prevent the spreading of virus ,without enforcement

However it might be time for government to impose some penalties to those whom not take sufficient action for 3Cs , like force to suspend the business

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Amid growing concerns by local governments and opposition parties over a resurgence of infections, the government added anti-virus measures as a condition to join the Go To Travel Campaign, which will eventually subsidize up to half of the expenses, including accommodation and transport fees.

This really is the stupidest policy imaginable to be implementing now. What better way to spread the virus than by subsidizing weekend trips by city dwellers to the countryside?

Its amazing we’ve avoided the worst so far despite this government’s best efforts to the contrary.

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“ pretty please with sugar on top “ kind of request might work ... but hold on, they,re still “ considering “ it ... smh ...

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The only way these places will be stopped from doing business fast is if 'concerned citizens' gather in large groups (e.g. 10+ people practicing social distancing) and start filming/photographing patrons entering and leaving. The majority of patrons will just do a 180 and head home when they see their photos being taken. And if the bars are controlled by gangs they can't do a thing, other than shout and throw their toys out the play pen, against a large group of people (with other large groups near by staking out other clubs). The gvt' and police are sadly powerless in terms of the law to do anything so it's down to the populace to do what is necessary. A ridiculous measure to even propose I know but it's the only way that will stop the clubs from doing business overnight.

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The LDP is like one of those really annoying drivers who take 30 seconds to drive after the green(blue) light has already changed.

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Gov't urged to consider asking nightlife businesses to consider urging themselves to close.

There I fixed the title for you.

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Hmm, considering forming a think tank to decide on the name of the committee to discuss the possibility of deciding on a timeframe for outlining the wording of a statement suggesting that someone should probably do something.

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all very regrettable, I hope the government will consider strongly urging these businesses to consider cooperating in stemming the increase of the pandemic which so far has infected 8,189 people in Tokyo, while the nationwide tally yesterday stood at 22,532, up 334 from the previous day with 984 deaths, excluding 712 from the Diamond Princess, the cruise ship that was quarantined in Yokohama near Tokyo in February.

"it is hoped that personnel involved in these business will desist from normal operations for the time being; instead, it is hoped that they will consider taking advantage of the government's Go To campaign and visit country areas in which they will be considerably safer from infection, regions outside Tokyo have been relatively free of the pandemic." a person familiar with the situation said.

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@Politik Kills, okay you win. LOL

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Perhaps they should first consider getting the 10man onto my account first... Still no sign of it.

U cleary did something wrong. We got it 2 months ago.

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'Ask' again???!!!!

This government is useless.

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The envisioned business suspension requests are voluntary with no penalties imposed for noncompliance, and will target establishments not enforcing guidelines such as mask-wearing and ventilating venues. Customers will also be asked not to patronize establishments not abiding by the guidelines.

Please can you shut down your business because we are completely incapable of making decisions to get this under control. Also we're not going to compensate you to anywhere near the losses you will incur. If you ignore us, there are no penalties.

Gee, what do you think might happen?

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The Japanese government is considering issuing business suspension requests to host clubs and...

It's interesting that news outlets and the govt. keep referring predominantly to "host clubs". When going to entertainment districts, a large majority of places, including those spreading this virus, are hostess snack bars and clubs. Why this targeting?

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Stop listening to all Politicians. They do not care about you.

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People who have to pay others to talk, flirt and be "nice" to them need to take a long hard look in the mirror and wonder where they went wrong in life. Seriously, if you have to actually pay for this stuff it's beyond tragic.

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It's time to close the gates, at least for the time being.

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yes close them down it is good, but most have already started at home private businesses or they come to your home. will always find a way.

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If you do 100 pcr test and all of this test are done to nightlife workers there's 100% chance that you will think that covid19 will spread only due to the nightlife companies.

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request lol means nothing will happen.

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Here is how would handle it, all hostess and night clubs will close at midnight on ( date ) if your caught opening your doors there will be a instant fine of 2 million yen, further more all your assets will be seized and the tax department will inspect you finance record. Your establishment will open when the government gives you permission to open.

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If they are sure that these are the main source for outbreaks, then what are they waiting for? Exactly how bad does it have to get?

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Wow! Scapegoating the entertainment industry when in fact, the virus lives on those overcrowded trains. It's simple math. A crowded train versus a crowded club. Who has the most numbers?

If you want to slow down the spread of the Corona, you need to get people off the trains.

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Useless Government Tax Money taker A: Should we or shouldn’t we ask?

Useless Government Tax Money taker B: I don’t know. Do you think they will get angry?

Useless Government Tax Money taker A: I can’t remember the last time I had to think.

Useless Government Tax Money taker B: Well I think we have to try something. I think this coronavirus is getting serious around the world? But I don’t watch international news so I’m not sure.

Useless Government Tax Money taker A: Maybe we should pay them to shut down? I don’t think it would be nice to.............


Common Sense: How long have you two been wasting time? It’s been months already. Just walk in with SWAT and lockdown each place and arrest all people who resist. One by one! It’s not rocket science! DO IT!!!


Useless Government Tax Money taker A: Who was that?

Useless Government Tax Money taker B: I don’t know. I have never met him in all my life.

Useless Government Tax Money taker A: So............Should we or shouldn’t we ask?

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