Japan eyes lowering int'l travel advisories issued over pandemic


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As for more specific travel alerts for infectious diseases, 159 countries and regions are now placed at Level 3, warning against all travel.

The quarantine times are the same so that rules out travel for most people.

Nothing is really changing.

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Nothing has changed , they are only "eyeing" the issue until after the New year.

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My opinion according that topic didn't change:

I have this opinion since the pandemic starts:

Please keep the borders closed until a safe vaccine is found, or at least a successful medical treatment is found.

Japan is doing a good Job according the Corona Situation, but it doesn't need a big increase in imported cases from abroad.

Especially now, the situation in Europe is getting worse again.

But Japan should do an exception for Permanent foreign Residents

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Nothing will change for foreign residents. This is toward business and Japanese citizens who were always free to move as they pleased.

As a foreigner you still need to go through hassle to send email to get reentry permit ( even if you have multiply one in your passport) with pledge that you are going to do PCR before come back. As we know this is not required for Japanese Citizens at all. I cannot confirm if the test is only required if you spend 14 days abroad or any time.

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Is this to do with the subsidies handed out by the politician who's head of the travel agency's lobbying group?

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Nothing changes for foreign residents then, we still have the most restrictive travel rules.

If you are testing on arrival get rid of the impossible pre-departure PCR test. Unless the rule applies to all arrivals there is no reason why foreign residents have to do it. Unless it’s to stop us travelling.

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The ministry is expected to lower the alert by one level for Vietnam and some other countries

We need the slaves -- sorry, I mean "trainees."

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The Real Heads Behind the Global Lockdown and the "Great Reset" who shut down the Whole World should

face Crimes against Humanity for Genocide Due to "Lockdowns" and not a Virus that has NOT been more deadly than the Seasonal Flu.

Hundreds of Millions are in Abject poverty RIGHT NOW and Starvation due to the Direction of these Tyrants-through the WHO and Chief Health Officers in each Country,NOT ALL, The MSM-the Globalist Puppet Media in Many Countries,Paid Millions Each, to Scare people to the Extreme through the "STAY HOME CAMPAIGN" and with FAKE and Many staged Videos from the Same Hospital saying this is Brazil, China, the US etc and Old Footage of Packed Beaches should also face the same Charges.

Hundreds of thousands of Specialists Worldwide who said Lockdowns are Killing People, are Silenced by SOCIAL MEDIA Giants, removed. Very suspicious and they take a big share of the Blame.

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The virus is more deadly than influenza by a factor of ten. There is no immunity to covid-19. There is built-up immunity to influenza, along with a seasonal vaccine. Influenza is seasonal. Covid-19 is not. Staged videos: that is mental. Any large urban area can provide plenty of evidence of covid-19, go talk to an actual emergency room physician, anywhere.

USA: 22,000 Influenza deaths

USA: 218,000 covid-19 deaths

Mortality ratio for influenza: 0.1%

Mortality ratio for Covid-19: 3.5%

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I stop reading when anyone bangs on about The Great Reset. It’s a malicious and malignant boring conspiracy theory that causes harm.

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