Gov't considers using anti-flu drug Avigan to treat coronavirus


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Useful provided the infected patient seeks and is diagnosed properly at the early onset stages. Also age and one's immune system effectiveness.

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I'm so happy the government "considers" using an unproven drug. Nothing like a shot in the dark.

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I hope the government stops doing anything because so far they have just screwed up

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Isn’t it wonderful that it is a drug made and manufactured right here in Japan!

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So after 7 weeks, "the government will disclose its basic policy on how to deal with the outbreak of the virus, possibly Tuesday." A basic policy, maybe next week.

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Well, people will go to the hospital because of the flu, and some of them will have the flu. Others will have the coronavirus, and might infect others. Throwing medications at it to see if it works is fine, but preventing the spread in hospitals is a puzzle I hope someone will solve.

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If it works, why not?

I'll be in line to volunteer if I catch WURS.

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you mean chinese medicine Favilavir, repackaged by Fuji film that was approved in China 3 days ago?

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They should of did this 2 weeks ago, the passenger on that ship should of been given this medicine weeks ago

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J-gov wants to give the impression that they are doing something. Why not just give everyone green tea and thera-flu?

They don't have a clue!

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The government is really grasping at straws here. This is totally unproven.

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Keep calm and wash you hands.

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"you mean chinese medicine Favilavir, repackaged by Fuji film that was approved in China 3 days ago"

You need to spread better info...

"Developed by Toyama Chemical and approved in Japan as anti-influenza drug in March 2014

The Japanese government decided to use funds from its emergency grant aid to procure from Fujifilm enough Avigan Tablet to treat about 2,000 people, and to provide it to the Guinean government. The Avigan Tablet will be used to treat EVD patients."

Unless you're claiming that the Coronavirus is that old...

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It looks like this virus is not very lethal, but extremely infectious, so I expect it will spread a lot before a vaccine is found. Looking forward to a quiet Olympics...

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There won’t be an Olympics. China is infected, S and N Korea are infected. Before long, more countries will be infected enough to put a kibosh on the whole deal. The only positive is that new cases in China are dropping a bit, but will that continue, and why would it? I don’t think this Olympics will happen, but would be happy to be wrong.

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