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'Unprecedented' super typhoon approaches southern Japan


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take care stay safe everyone

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It is neither the mass media overreacting or just another "taifu'. It is a biggy.

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The storm, equivalent in strength to a class 5 hurricane in the Atlantic Ocean, is forecast to curve east and pass over Tokyo on Tuesday before moving out to sea by Wednesday.

In the Pacific and Atlantic as well they are Category 1 though 5, NOT class.

It is currently a Category 5 typhoon, and will decrease in strength as it makes it's turn poleward and speeds up.

Category.... NOT...class!

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According to https://www.tropicalstormrisk.com/

it's a Category 4 at this time.

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Batten down the hatches and stay safe!

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We might have it Monday midnight Tuesday morning. Already had a warning from KEPCO about possible power cuts. Replaced the batteries in the torch. Prepared a go bag.

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My thoughts are with those in the path of this typhoon and those who will be effected by it. May they all remain safe and healthy.

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Right before peak rice picking time. I feel sad for the farmers who’ve toiled all spring and summer and then see their hard work flattened. Crossing fingers it will weaken.

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The rice in the fields needs about another month. Still green. It's more harvested these days using mechanical tractors than picking. Less than 30 minutes to cut an average rice field.

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To all who think a "super typhoon" is just another typhoon you are sadly mistaken.

I went through super typhoon Paka on Guam in 1997. You cannot believe the destructive power of on of these monsters.

It snapped coconut palms in half, it lifted a 30 ton catamaran in the bay and the 70 foot mast cleared the water and deposited it 200 yards onshore. It crushed an oil storage tank like a beer can.

Do not underestimate the power of nature.

Hopefully it will not make direct landfall on heavily populated areas.

This is from personal, first hand experience.

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The rice in the fields needs about another month. Still green. It's more harvested these days using mechanical tractors than picking. Less than 30 minutes to cut an average rice field.

Depends on what part of the country right? The tractors can’t harvest the rice if it’s laying flat on the ground.

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Surfs up!

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Please take care people in the area

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They predict an unprecedented typhoon . . . Okay. So it will be a big one. Anyone caught up in it has been warned.

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Typhoon aside, my family in SoCal would love to get the rain we have been getting in Japan over the past month.

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Is nothing precedented anymore...

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Typhoon aside, my family in SoCal would love to get the rain we have been getting in Japan over the past month.

Still makes no sense to me that major metropolitan cities like LA, Las Vegas, Phoenix, among others were built on deserts where they have to import all the water. Some serious problems are happening right now because of the drought. I live in California.

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Hopefully everyone will be okay.

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Typhoon Jebi in 2018 was the only typhoon that lived up to the media hype here in my experience. Smashed through Kansai.

Usually, typhoons weaken rapidly as they approach Japan’s mainland. This might be rough for a while in coastal Kyushu, but will speed off, weakening quickly over west Japan after.

I don’t expect any disaster, but a typhoon sky is beautiful to gaze at it with its dramatic cloud formations.

And be happy everyone. This is going to basically end the terribly torrid summer of this year which has killed an inestimable number of people.

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I pray everyone will be safe

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@memoryfix around 80 lost to heatstroke this year.

The potential for 500mm of rain in a single day is a real cause for concern. I hope you won’t mind too much if they treat the storm seriously and take precautions.

Keep your heads down people.

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In fact, many, many more people die from heat than are reported. It’s incalculable. It just doesn’t generate the excitement that the word “typhoon” does.

If you’ve lived in Japan for many years, as I have, you’ll know that generally the day after a typhoon goes by, nobody is even talking about it anymore. That’s because they weaken rapidly over the Japan archipelago. Of course, there have been historical exceptions. And of course, people do die in landslides, which can happen in any Japanese rain event. But for the average person, it’s a day at home, in which I suggest looking at the dramatic typhoon sky’s nature demonstration instead of staring at your phone with friends, gossiping about “sensei”.

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Half metre of rain? That is a truly scary amount of water in a short period of time. Winds gusting 270 kph (168 mph) that is capable of doing some very serious damage. I sincerely hope the authorities and everyone in its path are doing everything possible to prevent disaster.

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Redstorm,you should think about leaving your area,and seek shelter inland near Tokyo,this will be the least impacted area of ,this storm is massive,I looking at the eyewall,I never seen a well define eyewall,that is massive it bigger than the whole island

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Glad to see Okinawa is going to be spared this one…I hope

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Kenna,Kurume, Hiroshima,will be impacted in at least 12 hours from this posting , follow all safety precautions,you should of left by then

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People in Kanto don't have much to worry about. Typhoons don't seem to hit too often here

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There are many homes in Japan built with flimsy materials.

Ever seen corrugated plastic on roofs here?

There is going to be a lot of damage to buildings from these winds.

Many in Kyushu will be left without shelter.

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The rice in the fields needs about another month. Still green. It's more harvested these days using mechanical tractors than picking. Less than 30 minutes to cut an average rice field.

it depends where you are. Tanegashima harvested in July, August. Southern Kyushu around early October, further north is later. And just what is your average rice field?

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Our rice fields in Hyogo are still green. They planted later this year.

Rice fields in Japan, are measured in tan, which is equivalent to 992 square meters.

Tan atari, or tanto, refers to how much of a crop can be harvested from a given field.

A typical rice field produces a tan atari of eight to nine tawara (the straw bags for holding rice, similar to bushels in America), or 480 to 540 kilograms of the stuff.

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Domestic broadcasters aired footage of strong winds and rain are already lashing down on Japan's southern island chain of Okinawa as the storm approached.

This will be a big one.

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daily life offers dangers and we take what precautions we can. Prepared for the typhoon. Heavy storm shutters. Torches. Candles. Food and water. My house is about 6 feet above ground level. No problem with water. We have not been instructed to leave.

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Hyogo,will be in the eyewall,the strongest part of the storm by Monday Google Darksky Hyogo

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All the people in Japan are accustomed to dealing with powerful natural disasters and probably have more of them than in most other countries. Typhoons are an annual event. Wind, rain, floods landslides are all expected and warned about. People in some parts of Kyushu were advised to evacuate.

No need to keep posting about it.

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If you live in Kyushu ... stay safe!!

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Has lost its Category 5 status and is at 4 now. It should continue to weaken as it runs aground.

Yes, it’s a strong storm but be careful of fear-mongering. Today is Sunday. See if people still remember this storm mid-week.

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Looks on target to make a direct hit on Kagoshima with sustained 115 mph winds (latest from JTWC) - that's well into category 3 strength - quite unusual for mainland Japan and shouldn't be taken lightly!

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50l emergency back pack with tent clothes food and essentials for all dusted off and by the door. Be safe be prepared. Dib dib dob :0)

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Fred Sanford, "It's the big one honey, I'm coming to join you."

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DYB = do your best

DOB = do our best


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Dib dib dob comes from scouts.

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Unprecedented? How so?

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It's currently a Category 4, and expected to downgrade to Cat 3 or 2 by landfall. For sure, though it dump very heavy rains.

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Already wet and windy in Kanto and the thing is 1,000km away! Hopefully it stays to the north but it's going to dump some serious rain. Poor old Kyushu seems to cop it every time. Wind gusts of up to 270km/h (167mph) are not to be sneezed at....literally.

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During the last typhoon, someone posted a great link for tracking


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Kochi, the wind is up, rain.

I have moved all gardening equipment into the garage closed all shutters.

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Climate change in action.

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It’s nice to be ready for possibilities, but really what one sees on this comment board is the same as those who wore masks all the time on an empty street.

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It certainly is a very intense storm, but it won't be devestating. We'll get through this typhoon as we have done numerous times before for decades.

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