Shimane Prefecture OKs restart of nuclear reactor


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opened with 1974 technology on an active fault line.

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Inevitable that the reactors need to be restarted. with oil price up and yen down the country needs domestically produced power.

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"I have opposed nuclear plants. Not to mention the danger, I think it is very unstable as an energy source. I want (the governor) to work by looking at citizens, not the state," Masafumi Ashihara, a 72-year-old civic group member, said.

I think Ashihara san is off the mark with this comment.

Whatever your thoughts are on safety, age etc, nuclear power is a very stable energy source.

Look at energy (gas, oil, electricity ) prices around the world and the stability of nuclear power is the one thing that stands out

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Inevitable that the reactors need to be restarted. with oil price up and yen down the country needs domestically produced power.

the only way Japan can become energy independent is through solar geothermal wind and nuclear

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Human failure - the stupidity of placing backup generators in a location and state vulnerable to tsunami - and not reactor design led to the disaster. Let's hope authorities have learned. And there are no tsunami in Shimane.

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I guess this is the 島根原子力発電所 (Shimane Genshiryoku Hatsudensho)...

...which seem to have a nasty little history of issues:

Reactor No2 alone had technical issues in 1995, 2004 which resulted in automatic or manual shutdown and a general inspection in 2010 pointing to literally thousands of reporting issues during inspections(!).

VERY reassuring...Not.

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Shimane 2 is OLD. It’s true that they have been working on it, and built a seawall, I believe, but old concrete is old concrete. It develops cracks, as do other aging construction materials, more so in earthquake country. This seems rather adventurous...

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Pragmatism says yes. No easy outs on energy, especially now. Real time power generation. Hoping the lessons were learned from Fukushima. Not quite sure what those against the restarts offer up as a counter plan at this juncture.

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I was part of a team in 1979 which tested BWRs and their safety systems.

They are dangerous. Do not restart them.

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Restart or go back to the medieval lifestyle. Wind and solar are malinvestments, with EROEI (Energy returned over energy invested) of about 5:1. Worse than burning wood! Nuclear has an EROEI of 100:1. Even Canada doesn’t have enough land to support solar and wind. How could Japan? Also, solar and wind are no longer cheap with oil over $100 a barrel and interest rates rising. You can’t make a windmill out of a windmill. Nuclear provides abundant energy without taking up all the land or creating visual pollution. Go nuclear or go extinct.

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In Tokyo, Chief Cabinet Secretary Hirokazu Matsuno told a press conference the central government will ensure safety is prioritized.

This is the important part and unfortunately it has not been done properly in the past, the current situation may make this much more necessary than before, but without open, transparent safety controls the population is not going to feel safe.

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From blue’s link above, quote: “2010年(平成22年)4月30日


An investigatory report submitted in 2010 re reactors 1 and 2 showed fudged data hiding equipment overuse in 506 cases, and failure to record or conduct proper checks in 1159 cases.

And they still plan to burn MOX in No.2.

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Although new generation nuclear power may be much safer, some of these old plants do seem rather… fragile.

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