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Japan space agency delays H2A rocket launch again


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Japan stop their attempt to go to sky by stopping jet project, perhaps Japan should stop on the attempt to go to space too.


No wonder it fails with Japan talent shortage one person can get multiple role which lead can't really focus on main role.


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how abt to scrap this illfated project and use taxpayers money for something more meaningful?

say admit failure and move on?

who needs these rockets anyway?japanese nation have more serious problems to take care about!

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Meanwhile China has had 7 successful orbital launches since March 7. It really does boggle the mind how Japan makes this look so difficult. I do understand that Japan wants to maintain an independent ability to launch to space. That is understandable. Japan just needs to do better.

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who needs these rockets anyway?

whoever wants to mine the vast resources of rare metals on the moon. Under international law, you can’t own real estate on the moon unless you have a physical presence. Hence the race to the moon. Even India is trying.

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Either stop and cut your losses or enlist the Rocket Man to help you; he seems to have more talent with rockets and missiles than JAXA.

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Either stop and cut your losses or enlist the Rocket Man to help you; he seems to have more talent with rockets and missiles than JAXA.

Failure is part of the path for a success in rocket development. Ask the North how many times it failed.

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Gun shy......after recent failures?

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How about instead solving some problems here on Earth first? Ok, you don’t like that question. So you probably also don’t like when I remind everyone of those former physics and biology lessons at school everyone hopefully had and not forgotten everything. Just accept, that we are land animals here on planet Earth. We normally can’t fly, can’t live on higher mountains, also not under sea water and of course even less in outer space and the conditions there. That’s all possible only temporarily, causing highest costs and victims. Agreed a little bit? Fine, then back to the start, my first question above.

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Only astronauts need to multitask and should learn many skills at once. However, it takes them years to prepare for one mission.

Japan does not have enough human capital to fill all the key roles to run a capable Space organization. If they have one person wearing many specialized hats then they will continue to fail. They are going to be burned out, not know everything, and make lots of mistakes. (Jack of all trades and a master of none.) Each key role needs its own expert. Its not like in the anime where one brilliant scientist is an expert in all fields then solve all problems, design all products, and make new discoveries alone in their private lab. The reality is innovation usually takes a team. Japan, a collectivist society, does not have a strong team in this field.

Math and science is not sexy to most young people. Also, there is a strong sexists undercurrent in the science field. Socially, female scientist are either bullied or sexually stalked by their male colleagues. That reduces Japan's talent pool.

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Don't give up Japan! Invest more. It's only you and China that are not white that can go to spade these days. You can do it! For the people.

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Japan could do it before, and Japan can do it again. It there are problems, then fix them!

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