Japan launches rocket carrying reconnaissance satellite


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Too expensive here. Let The Tesla Man do it.

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Sorry but China is not that stupid. China will invade Taiwan only if Taiwan declares independence but not until then. War with Japan is unlikely despite what the media feeds us in Japan.

What would be the long term economic impact of sanctions on China if China started something against Japan? What would the economic impact of losing Japan and it's allies as trading partners?

China is interested in developing economic prosperity and that entails controlling vital sea lanes but it is not going undo all that by threatening or going to war.

Compare Abe and Xi with Trump and Kim. Cool calm adults versus mouthy teenagers. Without the US, Japan and China would have better relations and so would Nortn and South Korea.

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Japan, hindered by the peace constitution, should arm Taiwan.

Definately need to look into helping them in some way when China decides to invade, although I think they will wait until Tsai Ing-wen gets the boot, see if the next leader is more pro-China, pursues the One China agenda and if not, then they will invade. 10 years tops to see this play out.

I feel sorry for the Taiwanese. All they want is the ability to forge their own path like any other free-thinking collective of human beings.

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Overall, bad news for NK (China and Russia included), and good news all around.

Maybe the satellite will help with sanctions enforcement.

Yet Donny Mussolini may still get hyper-in-the-diaper and come up with his stupid excuses.

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NHK have booked time to track its viewers.

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Japan, hindered by the peace constitution, should arm Taiwan.

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macv  Isn't "bro kim" already armed to the teeth?

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Good refreshing and rejoicing news to read after a long time.

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But "Japan doesn't spy on other countries".

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These types of satellites are used for all sorts of things. Basically ensuring everyone is playing by the agreed rules ... and of course, being able to spot whales for the annual scientific research harvest.

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Hitting the dome in...3...2...1...

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Overall, bad news for NK (China and Russia included), and good news all around.

Maybe the satellite will help with sanctions enforcement.

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Now please make this rocket reusable, save the taxpayers' money.

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Very clever headline! Had me initially thinking they had launched a weaponised spy satellite!

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Awesome stuff! NK has to be monitored 24/7 due to their belligerence.

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I suppose one man's rocket is another man's missile.

And what's this pc nonsense - optical reconnaissance satellite - be tough and call it for what it is - a spy satellite.

Wonder if Emperor Kim acts in response?

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yeah right i urge bro kim to arm themselves to the teeth

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Unlike NK, Japan's missile is very peaceful, guaranteed by the constitution.

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Are you saying Japanese would justify using their peaceful space discovery achievements to mount genocidal manslaughter against other nations? Triggered

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Not from a lack of technological expertise, yet NK should keep in mind that Japan could very easily switch from launching satellites to something much more threatening if the need ever came about.

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