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Technical glitches mar emergency alert system for N Korean missile


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Hence the need for tests. After the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, down here my local city office did numerous tests and went around and fixed or replaced speakers or warning sirens that did not function properly.

Nothing wrong with finding out the problems. It is a problem though if they do nothing to correct or fix the issues discovered.

Having a warning system in place is prudent in a country prone to natural disasters. While that may not have been the reason for this test, at least now they can fix it and run it again.

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When I saw this headline, my immediate reaction is WHY post this as a headline? If there really is a potentially dangerous situation with NK, wouldn't it be better to keep this information absolutely muzzled?

Or maybe there is no situation and they just want to scare people?

People in fear are easier to control.

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ps in this case my fingers are sealed i cannot share its of a military secret ill tell every one it was a excellent success beyond their wildest dreams of exceptionally mega fast Technology of advanced warfare interception that actually turns back the attackers rockets to them .

As if gift wrapped for the Little now very obese fat boy.

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I agree with the comments here... Wouldn't these headlines explaining anti-missile failure just encourage North Korea to be more aggressive and continue missile tests? How about instead having headlines explaining how THAAD super technology can reprogram North Korean rockets into crashing directly on Pyongyang. That would surely make great fatty more hesitant to aggravate...

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Is this preliminary notice to spend money on obsolete THAAD?

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Advertise a system test to be preformed each day at noon or every Saturday then do it. Best to know somethings before it is too late.

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I think it had to reveal this info to let public know PAC3 missile deterrence system is not unconstitutional. Otherwise, pacifists organizations will raise hell.

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There is an article about real N. Korea on Business section.

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I hope they will fix it problem quickly and take seriously about N. Korean missile problem. Unfortunately, Japan has to live with that N. Korea missile deja-vu. The crazy fatty N. Korean leader Kim Jong-un has ICBM and nuclear weapon. The crazy fatty Kim Jong-un was unpredictable and mad, so you don’t know when he will order missile attack on Japan, S. Korea and US.

Japan, S. Korea and United State as well as Australia and other countries will not safe as long as the crazy lunatic fatty Kim Jong-un was in power and N. Korea has ICBM and nuclear weapon. United State, Japan and S. Korea must decide something seriously and bravely about to deal with N. Korea and crazy Kim Jong-un.

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