Japan to vaccinate pigs to tackle hog cholera outbreak


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On State Broadcaster last night a Public Pacification Officer in a black suit and white shirt made a speech containing many reassuring words. I was reassured and now believe this is nothing to worry about at all.

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If the State broadcast it, I'm less than reassured normally.

I digress, if they vaccinate the pigs will it be safe, if the State says it's safe, I'm not reassured when I go to eat at a Tongatsu restaurant. The rice and food is safe from Fukushima, and it's also safe to move back near the Fukushima power plant, it does nothing to have the State reassure me, nothing what so ever except to make me more afraid of whatever they say is now safe.

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It's no threat to humans. It's only a pig disease.

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I would rather eat an infected pig than an immunized pig. That said, the pigs are pumped full of all kinds of things you don't want to imagine anyway.

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zichi: "It's no threat to humans. It's only a pig disease."

For now, and hopefully forever, but how about the vaccine itself? Not only will it, like abuse of anti-biotics in factory farms, serve to create a super-virus at some point, but is there any proof the vaccine won't have any adverse effects on people who eat the pork?

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Or super bacteria.

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but is there any proof the vaccine won't have any adverse effects on people who eat the pork?

if they don't vaccinate the pigs there won't be any pork to eat. Buy Canadian pork very good.

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"It's no threat to humans. It's only a pig disease."

so there have never been a zoonosis outbreaks in history?

"Buy Canadian pork very good."

who said Canadian pork is very good and disease free?

Vaccines have adverse effects on humans, is there a study that prove that pork is safe to eat after using this vaccine?

Pork has been reportedly in history to cause human disease, even non-infectious diseases.

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then I can only suggest that being a vegan is the best course of action for you.

All imported meat are tested. Canadian pork gets less chemicals than in other countries. It's good quality and good prices.

The Canadian pork is free from ractopamine.

"As of 2014 the use of ractopamine was banned in 160 countries, including the European Union, mainland China and Russia while 27 other countries, such as Japan, the United States, and South Korea, have deemed meat from livestock fed ractopamine safe for human consumption."

The post is about hog cholera which is a pig disease.

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@Zack, sorry, but you obviously know nothing about Canadian pork. This Canadian who loves pork and even roasts entire 25-kilo pigs on a spit in front of a fire twice a year, says Canadian pork is very good and disease free.

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Or you could just eat plants whose diseases don't cross the species barrier. You don't have to eat food that requires vaccinations and antibiotics. That's messed up.

Sweet potatoes and purple Okinawan yams are particularly excellent.

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