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Japan urges nationals to leave Ukraine


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Ukraine had the US written territorial integrity guarantee but that was worthless when Putin came for Ukraine's territory.


The memorandum included security assurances against threats or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

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Very doubtful Russia will invade but Biden is pushing the narrative…

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This is old news !

Japan urged nationals to leave Ukraine weeks ago .

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Reminds of when JDSF went all the way to Afghan and brought only one Japanese person back. The was a ticket costing millions of $ they’ll do it again stupid. ISLAMABAD – Hiromi Yasui, a Kabul-based Kyodo News string correspondent, became the only Japanese national to be evacuated on a Self Defense Forces plane from Afghanistan.

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Putin wants to avoid the conflict, but nato countries are pushing the WAR to satisfy their greed for business power and control of lives.

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@Lamilly. No, they cannot. SOFA exempted. They are just using the airports as transit points to their base

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But Putin made a promise to Macron. . .

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LamillyToday 10:49 am JST

I wonder if the gov can stop US military coming and going from their Japanese bases on that guise.

Would that it were so, but there's no chance of that. Satrapies like Germany and Japan have no real say in such matters.

This is why losing wars sucks, always.

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@Larr Flint : Absolute poppycock.

Borders have only been closed to new entrants and tourists since Covid accelerated the first time. Prior to that more countries had been been granted visa exempt tourist travel and PR for the highly skilled had been more easily available.

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Japan urges nationals to leave Ukraine:

After US orders its citizens to leave Ukraine, UK and Japan are now following suit. These allies could have secret information on the imminence of a war in the very messy and troubled nation. Take it or leave it.

Still want a war..??

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Putin caused this. Fact checked.

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There is so much more background to this whole warmongering scene than the shallow press reports mention.

Of course it is insanity to provoke a world war with the other major nuclear power about a political conflict with a closely (historically, demographically, and polically) tied neighbour. But consider that Russia supplies 1/3 of natural gas to Europe, and once the NordStream2 pipeline is finished, it will go directly to Germany, without the corrupt oligarchs in the Ukraine having the power to control and mooch off Europes gas supply. It seems the American administration is hell-bent on maintaining that power. Scholz has pressured to stop the (almost finished) NordStream 2 project, but has been evading an answer. This is gas that Europe needs, and overpriced LNG from Qatar re-routed via Japan is NOT an alternative.

One thing is safe to predict: If the Scholz government certifies NordStream2 in summer, there will be some "border incident" in Ukraine that puts Scholz under enormous pressure to close it again. Wait for it.

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Michael Machida

Putin caused this. Fact checked.

The definition of "Fact checked" is "the talking heads on CNN said so"?

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But Putin made a promise to Macron. . .

Putin does not want a war, and Macron wants Russian gas via NordStream2. But the US admin is determined to preserve the power of the corrupt Ukrainian regime.

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I hope the same thing would not happen in Taiwan. Japanese government urges nationals to leave Taiwan.

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Michael Machida: Much you have learn about History.

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That means the D-day of Ukrainian invasion of Donbass has been set by the Americans, agreed upon by the Kiev Junta & US allies have been duly informed about it.

Russia will interfere, break the back of the Ukrainian army, probably will liberate the East Ukrainian lands (which originally were Russian) up to the East bank of Dnepr river, including Kiev & the West will rejoice in blaming Russian aggressing for this, impose sanctions that were anyway ready to impede Russian development & progress & brag to the world about their democracy & love for freedom.

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To know more about the Ukrainian armed forces & the pro-Fascist battalions supporting them, just read about Azov Battalion for example, whose murderers burned the people alive in Odessa Unions' Building on May 2d, 2014.

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Putin wants to avoid the conflict,

You would not know it from the huge troop movements to the border region with Ukraine.

but nato countries are pushing the WAR to satisfy their greed for business power and control of lives.

NATO does not have control of Russian troop movements.

To know more about the Ukrainian armed forces & the pro-Fascist battalions supporting them, just read about Azov Battalion

Yes the undermanned Ukraine forces include a Battalion that has had known neo nazi sympathizers in it eight years ago. When your being invaded and are very heavily outnumbered you do not turn away troops willing to fight for you. I know the Russians have 40% conscripts who do not want to fight and the Russian too have extremist elements.


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