Japanese woman elected to U.N. panel tackling discrimination against women


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Hope she can bring some good back to Japan the land of the dirty dinosaur.

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Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women 

This is the same organization that got an epic rebuke from Women's Institute of Contemporary Media Culture when CEDW attempted to curtail artistic expression in Japanese videogames and anime/manga usually marketted for otaku.

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The #MeToo movement in action with her will be efficient. From my point of view, more vigilant cameras and voice recorders in action will be much effective. If she going to panel in UN, to introduce ways to social protection for : the weaker same gender(including LBGT), the elders and the children. They are also victims.

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Would be interesting to have a man's point of view as to why they/we discriminate, no?

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. She also called for a quota system to raise the ratio of female lawmakers to certain levels.

Women make up the majority of the Japanese electorate. Speak to your peers.

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HAHAHA....she should do something for women in her own homeland first

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She needs to address the Elephant in the room in Japan, with its instutionalised mysogyny and sexism where women are sexually assualted on a daily basis on public transport ie: groping, a national sport here.

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