M5.8 quake jolts southwestern Japan


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And if I recall correctly, this area is not one on the list for additional subsidies if a tsunami does occur. Hmmm.

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is that really the case!? We are long overdue for a tsunami from Hyuga Nada and it’s often discussed in the media. Hard to believe that other area would receive subsidies but not Miyazaki.

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Don't forget the big one, that's supposed to strike Tokyo, followed by a massive Tsunami .... point is, these predictions have long been just that, since there's no way currently of predicting where & when the next Earthquake will strike.

Being prepared, knowing your surroundings, and planning potential escape to safety routes would be your best bet to focus on, rather than worrying about the next one.

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Tell that to my many friends who live near the coast that do worry every time there’s an earthquake. Because eventually one of them will be big enough to trigger a large tsunami and the odds are that all of them will lose their homes. Something that no amount of disaster planning will do anything to mitigate.

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I felt a big one on Friday afternoon too. 4.5 it was apparently in Southern Ibaraki. Seismic activity is starting to pick up.

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This is an example of Japan being much better prepared than most other nations. A quake of the same magnitude in Italy where many old buildings are made from unreinforced masonry or stone results in widespread massive damage and many deaths. A quake of this magnitude in someplace like Iran where many buildings are made from mud bricks is catastrophic. But because Japan has very strict seismic building codes and enforces these codes this quake caused no deaths or injuries and apparently minimal damage. Few other places in the world, perhaps only California and Columbia, could similarly shrug off a quake of this magnitude.

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