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Mother dies at 94 with daughter's return from N Korea unfulfilled


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This death should be added to the inept legacy of Abe! It took Trump of all people, to get this issue back on the front burner, then all went to hell again afterwards and Abe dropped the ball!

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Extremely regrettable is the government lack of action over the years before and during Abe. Incredible sad, hope she found peace in some sort of way even as twisted and disgusting the minds of those dictators are.

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What a sad, sad life this poor woman had. My she find peace in death.

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That should be May she, not, My she. They really need an edit button on posts here.

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"It is extremely regrettable that we could not get her back while (Kayoko) was healthy," Prime Minister Shinzo Abe told reporters.

Come on...I understand families wanting to believe their love ones are still alive and may come back to Japan someday, but how many chances are there that they are still alive? seriously :/ Abe knows it, may be why he doesn't do anything about it.

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37 years to work harder to do something...

RIP Mrs. Arimoto and condolences to her husband and family.

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This death should be added to the inept legacy of Abe!

While I am no fan of Abe, how exactly is the death by natural causes of a 94 year old woman his fault?

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This sad incident could be an opportunity for DPRK to come clean, all of the bad, and all of the good, and clear this never-ending stain away.

Never ever use this as a bargaining chip again, not in this modern world.

And this is fundamentally nothing to do with whoever happens to be the temporary Prime Minister of Japan.

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If she was a religious women, she is now with her daughter in peace.

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It is interesting how people immediately point fingers at Abe for his lack of action. This is despite the fact that this incident happened over 20 years ago, and Japan was not even able to do anything then, even during the height of Japanese economic clout, why is it that people think Abe can magically repatriate the victims now?

Please do not forget who is at fault, it is the North Koreans and the ultra-left Red Army Faction. Maybe fingers should be pointed at them, how is that for a concept?

Let us not even pretend that North Korea is alone in this. It has China as its longtime ally/accomplice, and South Korea always appeasing its northern cousins instead of identifying the obvious fact that North Korea is 1984 on steroids. Just remember, North Korea has it so bad that escapees travel to China, of all places, to seek freedom. Think about that for a second.

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