Mt Sakurajima in southwestern Japan erupts


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Never underestimate our beautiful nature while it's showing it's mighty powers, watching this event live must be a once in a life time experience.

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Images are very impressive, it is fortunate no damage was produced but at these difficult times special care has to be taken to deal with natural disasters, if large number of people have to be evacuated the pandemic can complicate things very importantly.

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been there many times. Love Kagoshima. time I was on Sakurajima during an eruption. Almost 10cm of ash. It was also a very windy day. Had to find a blue plastic sheet from a farm and make a temporary shelter until things calmed down enough to make it back to the ferry. Ferry was stopped for four hours. Apart from the ferry terminal there was a small local store. It’s possible that in 4 hours I drunk half the available alcohol with local people. Great experience.

Recommend Kagoshima!

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Visited there some years back. Not an eruption, but there was smoke coming from the volcano that day. That level of activity seems to be regular there and locals are often seen brushing ash off the pavements and houses.

Lovely area, one of my favourite places.

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Been in Kagoshima before during one of Sakurajima's eruptions.

A very impressive force of nature to witness!

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You’re thinking of Fujisan.

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Climbed it once,, which is not only illegal but one of the most stupid things I've ever done. The mountain was just alive, hissing steam from vents and trembling.

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It smokes all the time and easterly winds bring the ash upon the city, so I wonder if the 600thousand people's garbage or the ash by weight keep the workers more busy?

Why do you need nucs when there is the Pacific fire ring?

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