Mt Shinmoe volcano erupts again


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Looks like a nuclear cloud. Must have been scary to see in person.

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Wow, earth quakes in Osaka, then Tokyo yesterday and now this. There was an earthquake 2 days before Osaka on Monday as well, it’s seismic activity time.

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it's a rockin' summer

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There was one more major eruption on October-2017. Why it isn't mentioned in this article news.

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Nothing in Tokyo. So all quiet here. The cloud looks nothing like a Nuclear Mushroom. And... nothing really out of the ordinary happening here in Japan at the moment, Life just goes on as normal....

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Does anyone care ? It's not like it's unexpected or causing loss of life or destruction as in other Countries.

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These current eruptions only cause minor local inconvenience compared with others that have occurred in recent times in the region: and these in turn pale into insignificance compared with known historical eruptions, for example on Lombok near Bali in the 13th century, and Krakatoa in the 19th. It is as well though that all eruptions and earthquakes are reported in the media so that the general public can be aware that these events go in cycles that can not be predicted but can only be prepared for on an ongoing basis.

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