Police question Kobe teachers over bullying of colleague


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"We behaved like utter arseholes, with no empathy whatsoever towards the person we were treating so badly, and claim to be unaware of their distress."

And yet they were in charge of children's well-being.

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The education board said the three men and a woman in their 30s and 40s, who have all admitted they bullied the teacher, forced him to eat spicy curry and daubed some of it on his face, while saying they believed they were on good terms with the victim and did not know he had been in distress.

So, these immature and irresponsible grown ups are supposed to be teaching and educating young children. Shame on them.

A lawyer for the accused teachers, however, said one of them is claiming to have had no involvement in forcing the male teacher to eat spicy curry, despite having admitted to physically and verbally aggressive behaviors toward him.

At least he's denying the least severe accusation...

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At least the situation came to light. the teacher hasn't killed himself.

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Grow up, all of them. Including the "victim"

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This was reported pretty extensively in the Japanese media about a month ago. Shocking.

What hope do the kids have of coping with any bullying if the teachers are actively engaged in it?

It simply beggars belief that you can have so many morally corrupt humans in a single elementary school.

What is especially frightening is that is not just a lone bully being a dick but a group of men and women (who call themselves "teachers") complicit in such a cowardly act.

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Word is that the woman teacher liked the victim but she joined in on the bullying after he rejected her advances.

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I reckon this is fairly common amongst school teachers actually. The head of the ALT section at Osaka city was awful, would screw at ALTs over nothing and even tried to pressure me into coming to work on a Saturday at an event even though there was nothing for me to... couldn't refuse so called me into the city hall, sat across the desk, leaned over and said in a menacing voice "We STRONGLY request all ALTs work on Saturday..."

I said "Okay, whatever" and quit lol screw having to put up with people like him. Since then I've joined a union and enjoy screwing eikaiwas back, much more fun

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"The education board put the four teachers on leave starting Oct 1."

This should have been reported by other employees long before it got this far. I am glad however, that these teachers were placed on leave and are being disciplined for their harmful actions. Bullying is common among children, but there are a lot of adults who act like kids as well - and that is even more shameful!

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Vince Black:

Grow up, all of them. Including the "victim"

Why the victim? He came forward and reported the bullies, is that not the proper thing to do?

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Why are the police investigating...? Bullying Seriously..?

There's something else here right...? Like he was forced at gunpoint to take his own life..? Poisoned..? Pushed onto the tracks of an oncoming train right...?

Someone takes their own life, they have serious problems, they need psychological help...

It's terrible for anyone to take their own life, but unless there was a crime committed, the police have no standing... After the coroner rules the death a suicide, the police need to start working REAL crimes, like organized crime, and bribery, corruption within its own department... ect, ect, ect.... plenty of other real crimes to work..

Unless they're following up on a lead that this death was a homicide, time to close this case... Move on...

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Vince Black:

Grow up, all of them. Including the "victim"

Why the victim? He came forward and reported the bullies, is that not the proper thing to do?

No. You see, Vince is a true manly man (also 95% chance he's 'murican) who thinks you should either a) just suck up any level of abuse you receive or b) respond to it with violence. Because that's what real men do.

"Semper fi", a bald eagle screeches in the distance, etc etc.

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You associate “being American” (I’m not in case your wondering) with all those negative things?

Tad ridiculous, since I’ve found it doesn’t matter where your from and anyone can be doing the bullying.

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In a response to this, scheduled pay rises for some people within the hierarchy (at the prefectural level) have apparently been halted.

Only a 2% or so raise but those dudes have to be a little pissed. Maybe they can sue the teachers.

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