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Rocket launch by private Japanese firm Space One postponed


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I have no doubt that Japan has the technological capability to go to space. The question is whether it has the motivation to do so.

Having worked in a supporting role at Vandenberg AFB, I can say that launching rockets into space is a lot of fun. I recommend it. As kids we most of us loved to launch fireworks into the sky. Watching rockets light up into the sky is way more fun.

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Rockets flown to space 2024

USA 25

China 10

Russia 3

India 2

Iran 2

Japan 2

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So many problems with Japanese rockets. They should ask their North Korean neighbors for help.

Right...because a ship sailing into the hazard area is a problem with the rocket. /rolleyes

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Oh my, this sure seems to have worked some of you up into a tizzy, hasn’t it!

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Thought they were launching the rocket up, not aiming towards the ocean. Just make sure the Goodyear blimp is out of the way. Honk and you're good.

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Let me guess, it was a chinese or North Korean registered vessel that entered the restricted zone?

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Let's go Japan can doit!!..

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Had Japan 40 years ago deregulated its markets and made easier for startups to prosper maybe it too would have billionaires like Musk and Bezos... but alas Corporations via extreme coziness with the Govt. legislated an environment where only they kept market share and all new competition was stifled.

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"Private Japanese rocket launch company Space One Co. has postponed the launch of its small rocket scheduled for Saturday due to a ship entering the downrange hazard area."

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So many problems with Japanese rockets. They should ask their North Korean neighbors for help.

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