Tokyo Olympics report 1st post-competition COVID-19 case


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I saw elsewhere that this athlete arrived in Japan on Saturday July 17.

So there's a good chance she caught the virus while inside Japan, or while traveling to Japan.

May be another "first" (but probably not the last)

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So there's a good chance she caught the virus while inside Japan, or while traveling to Japan.


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Sad news for the athletes. - We will see if Typhoon #8, now referred to as “In-Fa”, the Chinese Macau word for ‘fireworks’, formerly Typhoon #6, formerly known as “Fabian”, doesn’t curtail other scheduled rowing events.

“Rowing events on Sunday were held as scheduled.” -

Thanks to all those involved!

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But Koike and Suga said it's going so smoothly! How many more cases can we expect in the days to come?

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who they previously said was unable to row for "medical reasons.

Thats one way to keep the covid numbers down for a couple of days...just call it a fuzzy " medical reason".

But yep...its going smoothly according to the lier in chief strawberry farmer.

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All athletes, support staff and all others brought in for the olympics should have been quarantined for 14 days in a camp. Not allowed to wonder around the olympic village and anywhere else, spreading / catching covid.

So far 132 confirmed cases.

How many more will show up before the olympics end ?

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Will this interesting live experimentation finally open the eyes of people that even if you vaccinate almost everybody in a confined village with tight regulation then you will have contamination of the vaccinated people (exactly like the Israeli report has been showing)...looking at Australia and all those crazy insane Zero Virus Policy At All Freedom Cost countries headed with Health Taliban which dictate more on believes and conflict of interest, than...studies and observation.

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Separately, the Tokyo metropolitan police have said nine officers who worked security at Olympic venues before the games officially started on Friday tested positive for COVID-19.

Bach and the IOC should be held responsible for any and all costs related to these cases and any others that are also related to the Olympics.

He PROMISED that there would be no problems for the Japanese people! A promise that any sane person would know to be impossible to keep! But since he did, it's time to pay up!

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Not surprising at all. Watch any event so far and you will lose count of the number of maskless people, or those wearing a mask not covering their nose.

By the time a person tests positive, it is very likely that they have been spreading covid cells for several days.

All athletes and other personnel should be quarantined for at least two weeks and then test negative before being allowed to return home, lest they spread the Olympic variant worldwide.

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