Tokyo Olympics see 16 more COVID-19 cases, bringing total to 148


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Many Olympic staff who are living at the hotels are actually leaving their phones at the hotel and partying at Roppongi, etc.

Really sad control by the JP government. You just need to go to Roppongi at night to find them.

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Nuts....just nuts!

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The fact there are any infections at all among participants is the reason the Olympics should have been postponed in the first place.

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I've seen media-related people from abroad wandering about in downtown Tokyo (they are boldly walking around with their media credential lanyards around their necks).

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Nobody cares about these stories any more. The athletes can do as they please. It’s all about fairy tale victories and gold medals. The media is fully behind the Olympic machine. Just look at the daily stories here. Who cares about a few infected athletes or officials, who aren’t even ill, when the biggest circus is in town

The Olympics will be proclaimed a huge success and victory to mankind. It is already preordained. Every gold medal to Japan is a star to Suga for an even bigger victory in the next election. Looks his gamble to hold the games has paid off big time.m

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Not bad considering they are in the middle of a super infected city.

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The bubble Olympics.

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The three athletes were not staying at the athletes' village, the organizers said. 

Why do the organizers always need to be so secretive? If these athletes aren't staying in Bach's "bubble," where are they staying? The public has a right to know.

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BlackFlagCitizen -

Majority of them have stayed in the country for weeks already, some of them live in Japan. They have every right to move where they want. The ones who would still be under their quarantine (although they’ve probably all finished them by now) are closely monitored, and have e.g. no permission to even get out of the cars during their commute from previously stated place A and B.

There’s already enough xenophobia spreading around in Japan, I’d wish fellow foreigners wouldn’t further fuel it with baseless claims.

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What is the point of simply counting the number of positive PCR results? Shouldn't we be more up in arms about people actually being sick enough to require medical care and/or dying? That number rarely if ever gets reported. So many people claiming the Olympics will be the end of the world. Start reporting on the deaths amongst athletes and staff, then it might be worth our attention.

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So if the bubble is in the village but the positive cases are appearing in people staying at other places how is exactly the bubble helping keeping the people involved in the Olympic separated from everybody else?

Also, how are the organizers going to identify new cases if the reports that there are not enough test kits to continue are true?

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My apologies for referring to the COVID-19 as a virus coming from a particular city in China when congratulating Japan for putting on the Olympics under these austere conditions.

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Start reporting on the deaths amongst athletes and staff, then it might be worth our attention.

You completely miss the point and it's concerning to see how little people know about the nature of the disease.

Olympians are the fittest people on earth and largely under 30. The chance of an Olympian dying is essentially zero. Even if someone Olympic related caught Corona you would unlikely to see any death within the timeframe of the Olympics, first you have incubation period of up to 2 weeks and then most deaths are usually after a few weeks of hospitalisation.

But that is not the point. The point is every case brought in from the outside due to the Olympics risk spread within Japan. It's inevitable, just a question of how much. Thats why the number of cases matter.

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Calm down, it’s only day three. I’m sure the true numbers will be weeks months away. Nobody has responsibility as that’s a gold medal Japan owns. I’m afraid confusion rains and we all get wet.

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I see your point. Numbers do matter. I guess my question should be, why is the number being reported in this publication? Are they going to cancel the games midway at some threshold of cases? Or is it to drum up anti-olympic sentiments? Most staff and athletes have been in country and in contact with locals for more than two weeks and the last number on hospitalized covid cases was around 70-75 for Tokyo. No indication of the relationship to foreign spread though. Society seems to deem any positive PCR result as evil and some indication of failed public policy. So I'm just curious why the focus on this metric alone.

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what a "safe" olympics,hey Suga where did you go...?

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Sixteen more people related to the Tokyo Olympics have tested positive for COVID-19

Wouldn't it be more accurate to say related to the Olympic village?

The previous article said the numbers do not include those that test positive in hosted locations.

So we can figure that there are more positive cases but not counted in this number because they are counted separately in the other cities, towns and prefectures where the athletes are staying or competing.

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If these athletes aren't staying in Bach's "bubble," where are they staying?

In 5 star hotels. You think the pampered basketball, swimmers or tennis players will be sleeping on cardboard boxes?

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If these athletes aren't staying in Bach's "bubble," where are they staying?

well I was driving through Saitama near Niza/Shiki and saw a whole load of people clearly not Japanese walking around with big plastic passes around their necks all with their masks around their chins.

Some clearly wearing some sort of sport uniform all caucasian older to younger clearly the older ones looked like coaches and the younger were the ones in sports uniforms and clearly athletic.

So I guess there is something near there

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"Olympians are the fittest people on earth and largely under 30."

Often true by immuniological fitness and muscular finess aren't always the same. In fact many the preparations (with the accompnaying stress) for making one ready of this compettion can lower immune systems.

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148? Sure that "number" is correct?

Every day more and more.

Now waiting for Tokyo's count.

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as usual, let's emphasize on "OVERSEAS", infected "FROM OVERSEAS", because the problems are always FROM OVERSEAS, the other way around is impossible ...

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@Mr. Zoroto: Nice post

You should take a train trip down to Katase Enoshima. Tons of pass-wearing sailors I would guess. Clueless about Japan and either no masks or around their chins.

The outside bubble seems to be broken. POP!

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Of the 16, 10 were from overseas

Who caught the virus HERE IN JAPAN

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All these Athletes are "inoculated" with a vaccine that prevents them from catching the Virus.... right ?

There's a 30 days incubation period during which time, tests may not pick up the virus....

Being Athletes, they're generally fitter than the rest of us, and most have no underlying health conditions, so should not face serious issues with the virus.... with or without that inoculation.

What's going to be troubling is the new virus that the CCP will release, which targets those who have had their inoculations and finishes off the job that they started in the first place.

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All these Athletes are "inoculated" with a vaccine that prevents them from catching the Virus.... right

No, not all, the organizers never made it a requirement so there are many athletes that are not vaccinated.

Also, athletes at important competitions are not in perfect health, it is well known that while competing in important events the immune system is temporarily depressed and athletes are at an increased risk of infections and complications when compared with regular people. They are at a very real risk of problems that could mean the end of their careers, or worse. There is no need of any new virus, even if they constantly enter the human population from nature, the one causing the COVID pandemic is enough to be problematic, specially without a vaccine.

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Do we have only half the picture here?

I have been told that the delta variant has a four five day incubation period?

Does climate have a play here?

I have been informed I might need a 3rd booster. In fact I will have a third booster on the 20th August. Maybe.

This is like trying to built a 5000 piece jigsaw puzzle with half the pieces tipped under the sofa.

I have 200 x 5000 piece jigsaw puzzles.

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