Typhoon-hit Kansai airport partially resumes int'l flights


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Underground emergency generator were submerged,

it caused blackout of airport.

Authorities of Japan has learned nothing from lesson of Fukushima disaster.

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The original figure given was 5000 people stranded now it's estimated to be 8000. Having been in that airport many times it is hard to imagine that 8000 is the true number. 28.8 million passengers per year averages at close to 80,000 passengers per day which also would suggest a much higher number. Where was the plan B?

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Quote from the airport in Asahi report “We geared up for a typhoon, but the typhoon was far stronger than we had expected,”

They are in the middle of the sea so they should be geared up for much worse. Relatively speaking - although it was a bad typhoon, the reality is that it was only a category 1 and it’s only a matter of time until a category 5 storm manages to sustain itself and hit Japan as a category 5.

Such stupidity at the highest level to build this airport as it is, and not be prepared for anything even remotly close to a worst case senario.

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Not a good look when trying to promote tourism. Communication my dear Watson.

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All international flights into terminal 1, as of yesterday were cancelled.

i paid out for a ticket to get back to Kansai from Tokyo because KIX didn’t have adequate sea defenses.

KIX is already sinking and this typhoon will have a damaging impact on the economy of Kansai that will be many times over what a good defense would have cost-a foreseeable tragedy caused by inadequate planning.....

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