Volcanic alert level raised for Mt Hakone in resort area near Tokyo


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I'm not a geologist, but yeah going from 0 to 45 Quakes in a day I'd say that's probably a red flag

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This could easily be a major catastrophe in the making. We’ll be ok over here in Chiba though. :D

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ERUPT ERUPT ERUPT ERUPT would be so much more awesome and dramatic :) :)

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Here's a live feed of the crater from Youtube:

Of course it is nighttime as I post this, so nothing is visible, but you can scroll back in time to see the steam. Not sure that is more steam than usual. We took the ropeway after they opened it back up the last time and it was difficult to keep from gagging as we passed over the fumarole. Phew. I bet it is extra stinky up there right now. Right now the feed shows a small light in the lower right hand corner. I bet that is the top of the ropeway station.

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I can't say for sure whether that's more steam than usual as I went to Owakudani back in 2013 and haven't been able to make a trip back that way since. But I do remember that we weren't gagging as we took the ropeway over that area. That was only limited to the hiking trails that lead up to where they boiled the black eggs.

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Hakone local business is might be affected by the warning, but Govt. has responsibility for hole nation including millions of tourist. Sure good decision by Japanese authority.

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No need to worry if you're in either Tokyo or Yokohama... it's miles away.,+Ashigarashimo+District,+Kanagawa/@35.5573949,139.2565328,8.71z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x6019a20c60b2dc7b:0x2605bd17ac977b26!8m2!3d35.2323825!4d139.1069355

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The last actual eruption was in May of 2015, so it would have been quiet when you went there in 2013. I last went there was in April of 2017, a year after they reopened the ropeway and it was still very smelly. The first time I visited was probably 10 years earlier and there was hardly any sign of any activity. Barely any steam. I was really comparing the 2015 event to any steam that is there now and quite visible on the Youtube Live feed I posted. Thanks for your recollection though :)

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