2 more Japanese evacuees from Wuhan infected with coronavirus


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Can we stop flights from China now and stop thinking through our wallets.

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Just learned that a NEW case of COVID-19 aka Coronavirus has been identified and reported in Hokaido. Does anyone have a map of where these cases have been reported as positive with the virus in Japan and how many?

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"Can we stop flights from China now and stop thinking through our wallets."

Japanese have the RIGHT to enter Japan at any time.

No exclusionary measures apply.

Can't you go back to your own country any time you like?

I'm positive you can.

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Fear and ignorant is how the Black Plaque kill many, if this outbreak is not over by June, gameover for Japan

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Some information is missing. According to Japanese news sources, the man from Saitama and his child were allowed to go home on Jan 31 after initially testing negative. The man refused to stay with the other evacuees at a hotel, citing having to take care of his child as a reason to leave. We don’t know where the man and his family went since or what they did. On Feb 8, the man started showing symptoms and he was hospitalized on the 10th. Not much is known about the man and his family, but some people report he has 4 kids?! I live in Saitama, work at a school and my kid goes to Hoikuen. I think we need more information about the Saitama man!

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so 6 people ,with a vector of about 4 additional each, i recommend you test your kids

get ready to sue jp authorities too maybe

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Just the beginning.

Common sense rules.

It's like if you wanted to avoid flu by avoiding people.

Remember Covid 19 does not harm much especially kids, keep calm and go to hospital if only if symptoms are showing. Point is not to overwhelm the hospital services please.

I personally don't think any country is "safe" and I am amazingly surprised no one in Africa is infected (just purely impossible with figures and statistics)

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the number of infected will continue to rise in Japan.

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This is an overreaction. If it happened 30 years ago, it would not have become such a panic. I take this as a sign of China's modernization.

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More of them from the initial flights will test positive in the next few days! The virus can remain undetected for up to two weeks and initial testing can be negatives ( as seen in this case )!

Hopefully the warm weather and strong sunlight in the next few months will help in reducing its transmission as it’s half life will significantly decreases from 20minutes to 2.5 minutes! I guess President Trump was somewhat correct ( finally some honest words coming out of his mouth ) but this is yet to be seen!

@Peeping Tom... “Japanese have a right to enter ... “

not necessarily true and doesn’t apply in this situation because if the Japanese Government didn’t send the evacuation flights then they wouldn’t have been able to leave Wuhan since it was on lockdown and tightly quarantined that time. They wouldn’t have been able to enter Japan even if they wanted to so the right to enter theory doesn’t hold basis!

That is what Kobe Bar owner probably meant by saying stop the flights. Some of the evacuees didn’t want to stay at a quarantine facility in Japan, two even refused the test and went straight home transmitting it to others along the way and some who were tested negative and went home have since started to test positive. The virus was undetected for up to two weeks! The whole evacuation thing was a farce from the beginning and hasn’t improved much since then. In the next few days as the number of infected will rise and a few deaths will occur then the blaming game amongst the Japanese authorities will begin! They should have planned it in a much better way with mandatory testing, compulsory staying for at 2 weeks at some quarantine centers after evacuation like most other countries did.

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@ vanity they need to modernize their hygiene.

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