Divers find no sign of missing people in sunken boat off Hokkaido


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If no survivors in the boat, leave it. No need to risk the divers anymore and waste tax money.

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Sorry, I should have said bodies, not survivors.

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Although no bodies were recovered the vessel should still be salvaged in order to examine it for the cause of sinking.

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Were there any lifeboats on board? Spare life jackets? Sounds like all passengers may have egressed before the boat sank.

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I have just checked at google maps and was surprised as it seems that ship had an accident in close distance from Kunashir island/part of Kuril islands,Russia/.

just wondering if there was any single effort to ask russian side for help with search for people?never found single mention about that.

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Of course there’s nothing to see in that sunken boat. Would anyone put on the life jacket and then just only wait for death calmly sitting inside a sinking ship? Other questions here, life jackets were available, yes, and there’s also some minimum cooperation and communication with the Russians, they might have found some of the bodies or at least other parts of luggage or boat. But I am not having exact details too, sorry.

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Tragic. But I’m surprised at the number of Japanese people who have told me they don’t know how to swim. I can swim but the sea terrifies me. Probably ptsd from a Russian swimming instructor pushing me into a lake and almost let me drown. Taught me to swim but left me with a lifelong aversion to swimming unless absolutely necessary.

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Many may not have known what was happening as these things happen quickly. Time to start searching much further afield

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eaten by sharks

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Swimming ability means nothing in these water temperatures. And bodies are often found within a vessel's structure as not everyone can get out the single entrance to the aft deck in the panic. And communications with the Russians has already been taking place as they sighted a vested body early on. And no sharks in these waters. Killer whales yes occasionally, but no idea if there at this time of year.

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Russians just found a male body, ID and all. The currents around this Penninsula are really something.

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I was afraid that some were trapped in the boat's cabin, unable to escape. Since salvage company divers found no trace of humans there, all the passengers must have jumped into the sea from the boat before it sank. But where did the missing twelve go? Hope they will be found soon.

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