Japan, China to resume business travel possibly mid-November


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Business people are so how immune to spreading the virus-amazing!

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This is not a good idea...

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That is really crazy...

That is the end of the good Corona Situation in Japan.

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I hope Taxi Drivers, Bus drivers, Train station staff will refuse to transport chinese Business Travelers.

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As long as that imperialist madman is in power, China should be fought on all fronts.

it is dangerous and shortsighted to go after a bit of money while that country terrorises and bullies the world.

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the opposite should happen, boycott and isolate China on all fronts

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Expatriates and other long-term residents will still have to stay in quarantine for 14 days.

So businessmen are more immune to the virus than long-term residents? Why am I not surprised at this Japanese take on logic?

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China has yet to be "cleared." The authorities have still failed to account for the cover-up allegation (and show no fear of intimidating anyone, any state who even kindly ask for it).

... and here comes another

Brucellosis outbreak infects over 6,000 people in China

Note that the outbreak already emerged last year. Cover-ups are China's state of the art?

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There is a saying in Japanese 釣った魚に餌はやらない - You don't give bait to a fish that has been caught.

The PR and expatraites have already been caught and no need giving bait to.

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Expatriates and other long-term residents will still have to stay in quarantine for 14 days.

So businessmen are more immune to the virus than long-term residents? Why am I not surprised at this Japanese take on logic?

I have the same sentiment. I believe the article below also may provide insight into this thought as well. I believe it is fully relevant as it may explain the thinking behind this decision as I cannot conceive of any other explanation.

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China will be exempted from having to undergo a 14-day quarantine period upon arrival if they test negative for the coronavirus

But, presumably Chinese will have to quarantine for 14-days when they go back home to China. Also Japanese will have to quarantine for 14-days when they go to China.

So who would come?

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Lol Japans corona situation is a lot worse than all of its neighbouring counties thank to its lax restrictions. China especially has it very tightly contained.

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Before prioritizing business travellers, Suga and its fellow nationalist party members in government eg: Motegi, no longer Abe, Aso, etc. should immediately remove the 72h pre-flight test requirement for PRs only, or apply the measure to 'first class citizens' too !!! Suga san, are you reading this? I'm sure if not you, you have spies peeing of expats posts here. You have zero credibility on this subject, and zero respect from most if not all PRs. Western powers do not openly condemn your racist measures, only because of the Yen they expect you to fork out when doing business with them. A very high price to keep behaving like a small eighteen century dictator fearful of the foreign element. Why on earth trying to attract foreign companies to invest here, if then you discriminate against its employees? My advice to the above mentioned gentlemen: buy yourself a ticket and go on a round the world trip! See other cultures, learn other languages, meet other peoples (the s not a mistake) ! It will widen your too narrow small mind. When you come back you will surely feel the shame you ought to feel for requiring PRs only to take the 72h test. Shame on you all !!!

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I wanna go to the beach in Sanna, China. But my business is finished because of the virus.

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Make sure the inbound flights are from wuhuan China wink wink

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Japan has started to reopen its borders after imposing entry bans on foreign nationals in February to curb the spread of the virus.

What a joke. No relaxing of borders what so ever. Still no tourist Visa allowed.

When are those going to resume. I can not wait for Biden to come to office so we get this cure faster cause he listens to the science of things. Cure is sure to come with Biden folks! He's gonna end it!

Cause he's the man! LOL.

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the best part is that even though you as PR come back with Japanese citizen from the same place where you stayed together for more than 14 "magic number" days, only foreigner must take a test. Why this double standard? Why not to test PRs and Spouses of Japanese on arrival along with Japanese Citizens?

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@EuroJP - On the surface it is not logical to require the test for a spouse of a Japanese national. They have been together, slept together, been to the same places, etc.

It all comes down to the right of sojourn, which Japanese courts have ruled does not exist for foreign nationals, even those married to a Japanese citizen. Some argue this violates the Constitutional rights of the Japanese spouse (I am on this side of the argument).

Essentially residence status in Japan has very little meaning.

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