Japan extends 5,000-spectator cap at events until end of Sept


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This is stupid. Every venue/event is different, so enacting a blanket ban over 5K people makes no sense.

Venues in other countries are using physical distancing protocols to determine the max number of spectators per event, not just a random number plucked out of thin air. This includes double spacing between seats (between individuals and groups), staggering entry and exit times to enforce separation and consideration for the layout of the venue. Some events even put on extra entertainment before and after the main even to encouraging people to arrive early and leave late, thus further dispersing people.

The onus is on the venue/event operator to ensure that all reasonable steps have been taken to ensure that it is being held in a safe and responsible manner.

Using this stupid rule, I could fill a cinema with 1500 people sitting next to each other, but I couldn't fill a stadium sitting them 10 seats apart.

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The Live Event, Conference and Exhibition industry is virtually dead in Japan, with all companies and associated business struggling to survive. People are not traveliing to attend; stay in rooms; eat, drink and socialise; and the plethora of 'virtual events' , attending on a 24" screen, does not provide the same experience.

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Window dressing. This is just politicians making show of acting like they are effectual and proactive and its more common each year. Of course this is not the worst example but its a nasty habit and people need to stop saluting this sort of tripe as its run up the flag pole. We lose freedom because of this sort of nonsense.

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This is great news! (Sarcasm) Now only 5,000 people (per event) can spread it to friends and family. What a wonderful idea! (Sarcasm again).

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I saw some pictures of a Japanese pro baseball game recently. It was a shot of the fans in the crowd.

All of the upper deck seats was empty. Most of the lower deck seats were filled.

In other words, they are letting less people in or only 5000 maximum. But they don't actually spread the people out. So it kind of defeats the purpose of limiting the amount of fans that can go to a game.

If you are gonna put a cap on the numbers, at least make it sensible and spread out the fans through out the stadium. Not just in certain sections.


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Dissapointing. This whole covid thing has made people stupid. Cases. It's just cases people.

I know people around me who had covid. They tested positive. Guess what. Nothing happened. Nothing.

They can easily allow half capacity at these games. Easy.

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Forgot to mention, nobody is forcing you to go. I like scuba diving with sharks, but I know the risks and it my choice.

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Getting ready for the Olympics, Yeah!!

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Any place with 2 people is a transmission zone.

allow as many people as want to go. Temperature check everybody on entry. At this stage in the pandemic, hand washing, social distancing and not touching your face works great, but it seems herd immunity is our best chance.

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since1981Today  07:56 am JST

This is great news! (Sarcasm) Now only 5,000 people (per event) can spread it to friends and family. What a wonderful idea! (Sarcasm again).

5000 people have been attending events since June. Not one single case has been recorded.

Would have liked to see the number increase to 10,000

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I seriously doubt there is any real difference in allowing 500 people or 5,000 people into an event. If there is even one infected person there they are going to spread it to others. Whether they spread it to 10 or 100 people, either way it's going to create several new clusters. Of course, with trains the way they are in the big cities, commuting is also risky if you touch anything, and train station/public toilets too. We could really use some leadership at the top, but no hope for that anytime soon.

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@Randy Johnson

I know people around me who had covid. They tested positive. Guess what. Nothing happened. Nothing.

I am truly happy for you, and for you and everyone around you I wish that it stays this way. I know two people who died, and one that, while having made it through, had to shut down and give up her company because of the long-term health implications.

This is not a joke, please don't treat it like one. If you haven't been impacted, that is great, but that doesn't mean noone else has.

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