Small tsunami recorded in areas along Japan's Pacific coast after M7.7 quake hits off Philippines


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Up here in Aomori, we keep getting these alerts. I know they are necessary, but I feel if nothing happens then people will not take them seriously in the future, when a real tsunami might hit!

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Every warning should be taken seriously when an earthquake hits so close to home of that magnitude because mother nature is so unpredictable.

Prayers to all the Philippine people during this difficult time.

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I can report an injury to my sleep.

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Luckily I live on a mountain. Must be hard to right by the sea.

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Luckily I live on a mountain. Must be hard to right by the sea.

Destructive landslides are far, far more common than destructive tsunami. Wherever one lives, there is some form of natural disaster.

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Slight rise in sea levels.

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In Japan, the alert was issued for Miyako Island and the vicinity in Okinawa as well as other prefectures, including Aichi, Mie, Wakayama, Tokushima, Kochi and Miyazaki, the agency said

The alert extended all the way up to 千葉県.

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I wish they had at least two levels of warning sirens here.

For ones predicted to be under 50 cm should have sirens that go off with shorter bursts and for longer pauses in between. Have them stop while the warning is being announced so we can actually hear it.

For ones predicted to be bigger and more dangerous, have them like last night with long continuous sirens and whirring which scare the hell out of you for a long time. Sounds exactly like the North Korean ballistic missile alerts - no difference. Scary as hell.

Midnight had my whole area blaring with sirens for a good ten to fifteen minutes. The warnings were totally inaudible.

They announcments were echoing off of each other since they were being announced at once from all the speakers and the dogs were howling like mad.

This was the same problem we had before the 3/11 tsunami - desensitization to the numerous alerts and sirens going off even for tiny 5cm tsunami possibilities.

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